Deep level sensing, detoxification & healing


When I first met Shaman (Karen), my health was a train wreck, and the worst part was...it made no sense.

For most of my life, I ate healthy, exercised, and spent lots of time out in nature, but at the age of twenty, I started to go bald.

From there, my symptoms devolved into cold fingers, allergies, depression, anxiety, social isolation, difficulty focusing, memory loss, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, and finally whole-body joint pain—all before I turned thirty.

Early on, I began to suspect I had an issue with my thyroid.

Unfortunately, all my blood tests came back clean, and my doctors insisted politely that my symptoms were a coincidence.

For years afterwards, I tried all sorts of allergy medicines, pain killers, inhalers, and Rogaine/Propecia to treat my symptoms, but each one caused more problems than they solved (drowsiness, dry mouth, nose bleeds, loss of libido, etc).

I saw different doctors, therapists, specialists. Read self-help and nutrition books. Took courses. Watched videos. Hired coaches. Changed my diet a hundred times—from standard fare to high-protein to vegan to pescatarian to paleo. Nothing worked.

In the winter of 2019, my joint pain became so intolerable that I could barely sleep two hours a night, and I started to lose my mind.

I had no idea what/who I was looking for, but after digging through hundreds of pages of search results, I came across one of Shaman's videos, and instantly knew there was something REAL about her.

On our first call, she told me about copper's relationship to creativity, how HTMA's (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) could uncover nutritional imbalances that bloodwork missed, and why many health issues were diagnosable by reading the signs in one's own body.

Much of this I was hearing for the first time, so I couldn't help but feel like I was being lured into some kind of snake-oil situation, and after doing a bit of surface-level research, I became angry—sending multiple insulting messages, demanding proper "evidence."

Shaman could have told me to get lost (and would have been justified), but it's a testament to her empathy and experience that she knew there was something deeper going on and stuck with me.

Eventually, I ordered an HTMA because I had tried everything else, and it was either that or die from sleep deprivation.

Weeks later, my results came back. I booked another session with Shaman, and as she explained the various markers, I thought...


I got so excited because, after decades of clean bloodwork and doctors telling me I was "fine," I finally had evidence that there were, in fact, multiple nutritional imbalances wreaking havoc on my life.

At first, I didn't like the idea of taking supplements, but I had tried every diet imaginable and bought the highest quality produce possible over the past year, so it was clear to me that I simply was not getting enough of the nutrients I needed from food alone.

Shaman had me start out with iodine-rich seaweed (which cleared my brain fog almost instantly), copper (which returned my desire to be creative), and magnesium (which helped lower my stress levels).

Surprisingly, there were no negative side-effects.

I regained enough energy to start making YouTube videos about barefoot running, which took off so fast that my channel went from zero to almost five-thousand subscribers in five months and started generating substantial income.

Let me restate that...

In December of 2020, I was nearly broke, unable to work or function from joint pain and lack of sleep, and considering suicide as the only viable escape. By March of 2021, after three sessions with Shaman, I was running my dream business as a creative filmmaker and unlocking levels of health I hadn't experienced since childhood.

Of course, healing thirty years of toxins, nutrition imbalances, and trauma from the stress (and often insanity) of modern life does not happen in a few months.

But Shaman was there for me with love, deep knowledge, and no-BS guidance from day one. Which means she had to be there for other people too, constantly learning and standing up against the onslaught of group-think and xenophobia for decades—at great cost to herself.

She is the type of person who will show up to a half-hour session having done an hour of research. Check on you when you have gone dark. Understand the deep scars of modern life, which most people seem oblivious to. Give you scientific insights, then turn right around and interpret your dreams.

Most importantly, she lives her own advice.

If you're reading this and wondering whether to hire Shaman, the decision is not hard, because, having struck out with allopathic doctors and scrolled through pages of search results to find a naturopathic practitioner who is more interested in healing people than building their social media presence or pushing affiliate links, you will realize that she is truly the needle in an eight-billion person haystack.

My only regret is that I didn't know her twenty years ago!

- Andrew Folts

My 4th infusion is down.  Doing great. Anxiety is gone, still working on a little depression.  Beer drinking is done.  Two more infusions -- I should be good to go for a while. 

It is also helping with my prirformis muscle pain and sciatica.  Hopefully, the next two infusions will take care of all that pain I'm having.  Had lots of energy today and actually got somethings done today.  Thank you for informing me of this treatment.  (Ketamine infusion - Plant Spirit Medicine)  Duluth Ketamine North Infusion Center - a local resource.  

- Linda Sutherland

At 55 years of age, my body felt like I was 85. I struggled for years with my weight, and with doctors that refused to get to the root of my health concerns. 


My thyroid wasn't functioning properly, yet because I was within the "normal range" after every test, my physicians refused to see a problem. 


My joints and muscles ached every day for years. I was fatigued most of the day  I injured myself at the gyms, trusting personal trainers that said "do more, lift heavier weights".  


I went through intense grief two years ago, having no idea how this trauma affected my body.


My niece introduced me to Karen, and I began a journey that in just a few short weeks changed my life. 


From the hair test to consultations with Karen, changing my diet, and adding much-needed supplements, my body and my mind are finally healing. 


I couldn't have done this alone. I didn't know that I was eating foods that were harming me. With the hair test, I was able to see why my body was feeling old and tired. 


Karen has helped me understand the correlation between my diet and how my body was functioning. Her advice and understanding are invaluable.


- P. Angelis

"Karen, is powerful, innovative, creative, inspiring, hardworking, and spiritually in tuned with the root causes of the mental, emotional and physiological problems visualize through the third eye and chakras.


This positive healing when applied will correct the spiritual imbalances, cleanse and strengthen the vital life force of the individual.


Karen’s tireless devotion to wellness, holistic living, and the preservation of Rastafari ancient word sound have devoted freely quality time, in proofreading and editing, various Rastafari ancient’s texts and manuscript.

Through Shamanic healing and guidance, the duty will be fulfilled to ensure that the aged be protected, the hungry be fed, the naked clothed the sick be nourished and the infants cared for.


This endeavor will be the platform to usher in the guardians of the faith and thus restore a state of spiritual balance."


-Ras Flako Tafari, Wisemind Publications

"I have had sessions with Karen since early spring of 2010. In one of my first sessions, while being treated, she had a strong feeling- sense there was an unidentifiable “spore” in my bodily system. She explained to me she does not offer medical diagnoses but gently suggested I needed to have it check out, she recommended at the time a holistic chiropractor in the Walker, MN area, whom she felt could provide an interpretation, if I wanted to remain on a homeopathic path, or my primary physician; I took neither routes and later that year in October I had been diagnosed with breast cancer.


We are normally quiet in our sessions, in large part, however that day she interrupted the session as she was ‘told strongly’ to Guide me in that way. I have knowledge that she is Medically Intuitive with others and myself and has given, known to me, Shamanic Guidance that includes: clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance.


I attended one of her “Free Skool” sessions in October 2013 where she gave back to her community. This is a community she has raised her son in, operated a business as a Shaman, and conducted practices mainly in the area of bodywork/massage; for years it has been known to her clientele that she gives her guidance and impressions offered from The Field, as she puts it.

At this Free Skool a gathering of nearly 30 women and 2 men came together. She showed us how to do free readings for ourselves and explained how she had developed her intuitive abilities over the course of over 40 years, afterward she had prepared food and invited everybody to eat and socialize together.


I occasionally bring my son, Kayne for treatments with Karen. He loves going to her and loves her massages. Although, he has some medical and neurological issues she is able to communicate with him and help him as he must take drugs prescribed by Allopathic physicians, some which help and others which also create tension for him both psychologically and physically.


Karen has touched his hand and has been able to relate to me details of his life that may include: what he is thinking, what he ate, and/ or things he has experienced; my son has affirmed these telepathic communications by his use of sign language


Most recently, in August of this year- 2014, I placed a call to Karen on a Friday afternoon, August 23, and asked if she could come to do “Energy work” for Kayne at the ICU unit at St. Luke’s Hospital in Duluth, about 17 miles away from her home, due to he had been hospitalized 5 days by then for double pneumonia and no progress was being made medically. She immediately contacted me ready to come to our aid and a date was set up for the next day Saturday, August 24. She arrived, not only because this is the way she makes a living but because of she wanted to help Kayne in this time of need; she also help me- went an extra distance without charging travel time.


At that time Kayne had been intubated from August 18 – August 23, sedated, placed on breathing assistance equipment that worked his lungs for him and also protected actions that could have shut his heart and organs down. Following Karen’s 45- minute “Energy session” a noted improvement began that evening, the next day he was allowed to be weaned from the equipment, and by Sunday night moved to a regular room, which was a blessing!


Karen has both demonstrated Medical Intuitive abilities, and, profound healing abilities. She has listened and also given very loving but solid Guidance for me in our sessions. Infused with love and intuitiveness, she has made her way in Northern Minnesota offering massage therapy, caring- healing, listening- empathy, and way more for our community."

-Deborah Klejeski



"Karen is an incredible gift. She is humble and pragmatic, yet powerful and assertive when she arms her clients with the truth. I “lived well” with Lupus through various prescribed medications for over 25 years until March of 2015, when chronic pain and immunological compromise became my normal.


I connected with Karen the day after I wound up in the ER from a painful and aggressive infection. I found myself literally sick and tired of being sick and tired, and refused to be defined by my condition for 1 minute longer. In crisis, I agreed to commit to making the lifestyle changes Karen recommended. She taught me how to use food as medicine and let go of expectations; these two pearls combine to build a very strong foundation for attaining true health.


Though our work together has been by phone, the consistent hand holding and laser focused attention to the detailed balance of my body/mind/spirit helped me get my bounce back within 3 months and get off 3 of the 5 drugs I was on when we began our work together. I learned decades ago to listen to my body, but with Karen’s guidance over the past 7 months, I’ve learned to heal my body and embrace my Spirit without meds (drugs). The liberation from releasing the shackles called medications is literally changing my life. Karen will never manipulate or coerce, she will simply share and coach. It’s up to you to do the work."


-Ernestina Hernandez

"I am a disabled Veteran with Stage III kidney disease and bi-lateral A-vascular necrosis of the hips. Both my femoral heads on my femurs have decayed and collapsed into my hip sockets.

Any movement causes severe pain. I live on 500 mg acetaminophen with 7.5 mg of narcotics.


I had a one-hour session with Shaman. I can walk a lot without my cane and have not taken a pain pill since I met Shaman.

I am a Mayo Clinic patient, VA ABO New Mexico. New Mexico Orthopedics and VA Minneapolis. No one of these medical facilities has done anything for me except supply me narcotics.


They all want to put two new hip replacements in me. Because of my kidney disease, doctors say I might have acute kidney failure with surgery."


-Dennis E. Wiita

"I am the husband of a woman Karen has been working with for well over 5 years.


My wife has been diagnosed with Pseudodementia. She started ‘slurring’ her words about 9 years ago. At present, she can do nothing on her own and hasn’t spoken for about 5 years.

Karen has worked with Brenda with both massage and energy. Many times the results were unbelievable.


Karen’s knowledge blows me away at times. She has gone way out of her way to help us; she even tolerates me calling her with questions and support for me.

I do know she puts 100% of herself into everything she does and I consider her one of the finest people I have ever met.


When Karen works with my wife, she just ‘coos’ and responds positively!


My love and thanks to her"

-Dale G. Summerfield 

"Even whilst living, appreciating & healing through my life journey I recognize when special & blessed individuals come into my life for a reason or a purpose. Giving Thanx for such a positive and inspiring example as Karen. Your insights are spot on and bless me with continued motivation to keep on doing and growing."


-Maureen Elizabeth Worrell

"I still can’t believe it! One minute, D and I were talking about your prediction looking at each other puzzled… less than 5 hours later, when we were done with our talk, in the pause after the conversation we looked at each other and I said, “wow! look at that! What Karen predicted was true!” crazy!!!"


-Jay Kay Lacombe

"Thank you, Sis, for helping me to uncover the Spiritual problem that was causing my physical breakdown. I am feeling so much better now. In good health, again."


-Neoyame Malope (Sangoma)

"A loving thank you to Karen for the phone conversation today. I enjoyed it. After hearing you speak, I have confirmed what I already felt about the knowledge you share on social media and that this amazing woman is wise, and what she has to offer is rooted. Topics you write about have given me insight and hope to become stronger and rid myself of my anxiety; to reach my target, heal now and to juice every day!"

-Kelsey H

"I have been a client of Karen’s for many years. During that time, she has always shown great courtesy regarding punctuality and flexibility. She has never had to cancel or even reschedule a session.


Karen has many talents, insights, and experiences that she is willing to share and educate others for their own personal growth and development.


I appreciate that she gives all of herself during a session which includes, but is not limited to, giving intuitive messages, help/heal the physical body through massage, and health/nutrition recommendations.


Karen is an extremely gifted practitioner that is willing to go above and beyond to provide the best service to her clients and I feel very fortunate to be one of them."

-Jill Gunderson

"I met Karen some years back on Facebook, and we are still friends today. We made an instant connection when we realized we shared an interest in things all things Energy related, such as hands-on-healing, tarot, astrology, massages, etc. and how this relates to our holistic health.


Shaman has read for me intuitively several times, at a distance, and has always been “right on target”.


We keep in touch, and whenever I need a clear vision on any particular situation, she has always come through for me.


Most times she simply appears with the right words, ‘stark in their simplicity’, highly insightful and clear in their meaning.


My reply always is: “how did you know? My friend Karen always knows!!!"


-Antoinette Panton

I have been doing personal sessions with Karen and I learned so much in just one session. This motivated me to enroll in her course, Becoming a Modern Day Natural Goddess, especially after seeing improvements in my health after one month.


I watched a few previews of her courses, and all her courses looked so amazing and interesting. I decided to go for one and it was exactly what I needed to know. I am very grateful that I did. Now, a goal of mine is to finish all of her courses! I am a person that likes to stay connected to Mother Earth and I really like Karen's movement. Karen, has a natural talent of teaching, and I am able to understand and comprehend her teachings because she makes it so blissfully easy.


After finishing the course I started to feel more confident. Her experience with natural ways of connecting make me feel comfortable. Her sessions are worth it, every time. I have cried, laughed and shared with her. Karen gets to the roots of the causes. After trying for many years to get better and failing, my health is getting better and I give many thanks. Karen is doing something great and I only just started!


-Zuri Zadday


I have patronized several massage therapists over the years. In fact, I had a regular massage therapist when she entered my life. My husband happened to encounter her and her young son fresh from California and stuck in the snow. He pulled over to help her and she offered half off a massage in appreciation. From that point forward he was convinced that I needed to visit her. I was perfectly happy with the massage therapist that I had and declined his suggestion. He was so convinced of her talent that he purchased a gift certificate for me to prompt me to at least try her out.


I used the gift certificate with trepidation and just to appease him. My resistance was completely unfounded after I spent an hour with her. Not only did she give an amazing massage, but she read my body and told me things about myself that I would never have suspected as a result of a mere massage. I will never forget her telling me “You drink too much soda”. I was shocked that she knew that since I was drinking 5-6 cans of soda a day. I have used gift certificates for other massage therapists, but I always come back to Karen.

It has been years since my first interaction with Karen and so many things have happened in my life. I have experienced so many events of great happiness and those of overwhelming pain. I lost my boyfriend of three years to a tragic accident and I was beyond lost. I went to Karen to help me find some level of relaxation. She helped show me that he was still with me and he was watching over me.


Months after that session with Karen, I found out something about my boyfriend that completely devastated me. I went to her and during our session, I told her “If Brian comes in during our session, please tell him that what he did completely destroyed me”. She asked me what happened and I told her that he knows.


During our session, she randomly explained to me that Brian had shown her two very distinct things which would only have been significant to the two of us. I always believed in Karen’s ability, but that moment made me more of a believer than I had ever been before. Not only did she share something that only Brian and I would have known, but she helped me realize that I can truly forgive and find peace. That day I left her with a completely renewed sense of calm, peace and faith in the love that I always knew Brian had for me.


So many people are skeptical about life beyond and the spirits that watch over us. I am blessed that I know Shaman and that her gift has helped me in more ways than one. I am a true believer and not only does she give the most amazing and relaxing massage, she is the most gifted, intuitive woman I know.


-Rhea Lund

Around March 2012 I met a Sister Shaman Karen Pringle


She spoke health, progress and even saw the birth of my unborn daughter anf many other resolutions later even to this day, She continues to send love and blessings to me.she is thousands of miles away,in the USA im in south Africa,we never met physically, but sooner or later we will.she is one inbox or video call away,

Karen Pringle much love and respect for your guidance and clear positive visions.


I appreciate you sister.

-Puleng Chane Machapudi Seswike

Karen the SERVICE you provide is one of a kind! You coached me through reversing environmental and food allergies as well as eliminating my need for breathing meds!! I will be forever grateful for this!! 


I may not buy you lavish gifts to show my appreciation, but I have promoted your services by recommending you to many people in our community who suffer from many similar things. Many of these people have had sessions with you, which to me seems invaluable since it puts food on your table and helps sustain your future!! 


The people that are skeptical about alternative medicine need to figure it out for themselves and make the choice when it feels right for them. I was one of the skeptics for many years, and have been fortunate enough to be shown first hand what it can do once you open yourself up to it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


-Cindy Bonneville, MN

I, heartily endorse the Medical Intuitive work of Karen Pringle. As someone who has suffered from severe psoriasis for over 30 years, Karen helped to point the way for me to release so much of the emotional baggage that goes with any illness. Reconciliation with my aged father resulted in amazing physical as well as emotional healing for me. Karen's recommendation concerning a transition to a plant-based diet has also paid great dividends for me. As a retired Methodist Pastor, I can also wholeheartedly recommend Karen's work as one of integrity, professionalism and deep compassion. Anyone in need of her gifts will not be disappointed. 


Rev. Brian Marshall, Duluth, MN