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What do I do about my buffalo hump?

Nobody wants a Buffalo Hump! Certainly not a teenage girl, but, I am seeing more and more of them with a hump on the back of their neck forming and it will get bigger! And, the Doctors won't do anything for you besides prescribe a synthetic thyroid hormone, IF you even get a thyroid diagnosis? Well, let's break this down so that everybody is crystal clear: When your body cannot metabolize properly, and your diet is lacking minerals, as well as your thyroid gland is not functioning well, you can produce a LIPOMA. Which, is adipose tissue or, fat collection that is a hardened lump that can form on your body behind your neck, or on other parts of your body. With thyroid issues, which are so common today, you can have this begin in childhood because your parents had no idea that many of your symptoms that were never picked up by most doctors could have been addressed and you would not have this hump today!

I have had many older women come in for a table treatment and acquainted them with what was really happening; many never even knew they had a Buffalo Hump? I showed them in the mirror - to their horror. You see, we are so "busy" today we often overlook even the obvious. How cold and miserable we felt most winters; even though we are people who live in some of the coldest parts of the world! How cold our hands and feet are, as well, as that never ending appetite! We are looking for what we never give ourselves: self love and minerals!

In my newest book: Detox & Heal Your Thyroid, I cover Lipoma, and, the dreaded Buffalo Hump, what symptoms in childhood you should be paying attention to, and the many symptoms that show you that you do have a thyroid condition despite your doctor telling you that you don't! Or, just testing your "TSH," and administering a synthetic thyroid hormone. But, let's not bash the doctor, it's how they were trained and their belief system for the most part that has them held up in a system that only defines lack of ease based upon testing. In Original Medicine we listen, we observe and we have long decades of learning.

I know you will love the book! My humble intent is that you can heal yourself and feel so much better, that we can avoid some of the pitfalls so often found today, and that your future generations will not have to needlessly suffer.