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Chemtrails are Part of your Thyroid Problems

Thyroid, upper respiratory problems, flu, coughing, sinus, congestion, this, is, no MYSTERY!

Chemtrail Flu is what it’s called!

Chemtrail Flu Symptoms:

• Sweaty • Coughing • Aches & Pains • Stomach problems • Lots of mucous • Congestion • Sinusitis

The “Mystery Illness” – you could have one or more of these symptoms: and, its not, “The Flu,” as you know it, in fact, it’s not at all what you have been told, nor understand – none of it is!

Just looking at our sky in Northern Minnesota the past week or so, we could see them constantly, lines, criss crossing and letting go of fumes, jet fuel, barium, and we do NOT KNOW WHAT ELSE?

The ways that we see refracting light now are entirely different, in our photos, the way we see our Sun, the orbs caused by chemicals, the chemicals that land upon our FOOD; this has got to stop! Prince alluded to it with his songs and directly to it with his talks!

I have been speaking about chemtrails for decades now, and, most people found it quite uncomfortable, but when you have intentions similar to a MONOPOLY game, to occupy and dominate the water, the air, the land, the digestive fire of the people with a fresh and clean, high mineral food supply, only one thing can be surmised? You want to dominate us and farm us?

From the time of the early 1960s when I was a young girl, I saw and heard; I appreciated Nature. And, I have always heard Spirit. I remember my mother speaking about the “Sky Writers,” and I remember a time when people were not SICK all the time! I remember when people could focus, when people sat down and read a book, prepared a dinner, and when family time was at the dinner table and the entire family, grandparents and all got together on Sunday afternoon to share a meal – that, was the 1960s and 1970s.

Are YOU “waking up” now? Are you realizing our food, water, Earth, are all part of a living, breathing organism, that hosts us all? That together, we rise? That divided, we fall?

People are now much more observant and aware, they are “waking up,” and they now believe that much of what we are experiencing that is causing THYROID problems, Upper Respiratory Problems, Flu symptoms is the FACT that we are being sprayed. Just like pests!

The spray is inoculating us, and, it’s ‘seeding’ us for a planned plague!

We are being ‘seeded’ ‘sprayed’ usually more heavily in the Spring, people develop not only chronic respiratory issues, likely from bromide which also does a number on your thyroid. What many people are unaware of is also the endocarditis issues that ensue from being sprayed from these chemicals. And, our moods change, we are weepy, sad for seemingly no reason, confused, agitated, and even aggressive! Now, if you add on these chemicals enter our drinking water, it’s no wonder that even in our city, we have had high levels of certain chemicals from pollution leeching from paper and ceiling tile plants but also from these chemtrails! The sprays are chemical, RADIOLOGICAL, and, inoculating. Is this why we have so many MYCOPLASMIC ISSUES?

Chemical, radiological, and potentially causing the majority of many of the syndromes that I am daily working with people to reverse: mineral metabolism, copper issues, iron issues, the onset of Diabetes, skin bronzing, Hemochromatosis, Arthritis, more flu, and, guess what?

Your FLU SHOT will ONLY cause more harm!

That’s right, because as I write this for YOU now, you are being primed for a plague. Chemical experimentation is being done with aerosol inoculation programs, and deposits of various chemicals to stabilize the fact that our Ozone (cleaner) was damaged repeatedly by greed and incessant robbing of our shared Great Mother Earth.

Young children are coughing, being diagnosed with Sinusitis, and even those who ‘never’ get sick are feeling drained, low energy, low vibration, poor breathing, poor digestion, this is seeding people with exposures to chemical cocktails that are never before experienced: but, you do remember Agent Orange? And that spray, and I could name many others.

You see, Females, Womb Beings would never, mostly likely never be interested in contaminating our ‘fish bowl,’ our habitat, our space where our children, grand children and future generations must live, necessarily; we just would not do it!

But, it’s being done.

You can agree to disagree if you like, but, now, many years later after speaking in live presentations about HAARP and Geoengineering, Chemtrails, about Spirit and how we have a beautiful internal “GPS” Guidance and Protection System, whether you call that “God” or “Spirit” or, even “The Ancestors” it’s the same thing, it’s that we are connected to all that ever was and all that ever will be.

Drink more water, get more Vitamin C, use zeolite powder, and use your Earthen clays and cleanse as you are able. I’m sending you love!

We, are in this together; together, we rise!