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Our time together is calming and stabilizing, informing but also very productive. 


You may have been experiencing physical, mental and/or spiritual issues that have been with you for many years that were never truly resolved. Drugs didn't help (medications). 

If you find that you are tired of being asked, and/or tested or quizzed about, "Are you depressed?" You want something more than swallowing another pill, but you don't know where to turn. 

There is a need in our world today for Shamans and Medicine People. Healing depends upon us to step in and balance daily habits, and provide clarity in how we achieve the balance we need to promote real healing or regeneration. We are, in fact, most of us, degenerated in ways that have never been identified and are not diagnosed. These are the preexisting conditions that lend to the troubles of today are these unidentified weaknesses that are not known to the majority of our people. 

I provide a service that is very different than a Health Coach, Nutritionist or Doctor. 

The service I provide in my business is flexible, intuitive, perceptive, and as well, scientific. I have 37 years now in 2021 to have come this far and developed. 

I hold space with empathy, integrity, and absolute honesty. I help you get results and beyond that increase your potential in many ways. 

Many of us are waking up and realizing that we hold the key to our own vitality and wellness. 

Your diet, daily habits, personal and inherited patterns as well as "loops," these are the aspects of your life that must be considered, observed and yet it is rare to find Women with deep-level experience who hold valuable insights, and skills like these in the world today-they are needed and we need more of us! 

You can see the categories of interest that I imbue which are stated on my wellness form--this is the beginning of your new Journey! 
An Elder Momma Shaman & Medicine Woman who has worked with hundreds, thousands of hours for now 37 years.

In my medicine bag some of the many ways I can help you include: nutrition, detoxification, mind-body medicine, massage/tablework, herbalist, yoga instructor-Kemetic, and HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis).  

Whether you want to lose weight, balance your moods, infertility, fibroids, anxiety, depression, skin issues, thyroid issues, your body is a whole system. My lifelong passion has been developing the inner standing I carry today. 

You are invited to check out my Testimonials section. 

Session Length  
15, 30, 45, 60, and 90-minute sessions are available. 
How do I get started with Shaman? 
Complete your Wellness Form located here:




What is Reversing Disease? 


Reversing disease means that you are progressing in your levels of vitality, energy while removing each symptom one by one and regenerating your own health. You may also begin to release the need for all the supplements and medications. You are your physician!

Most of our health issues may be caused by food chemicals/diet, stress, vaccines, exposures to chemicals, heavy or toxic metals. I will most often recommend a "hair test" and then review the results of your Patient Report sharing the lab's recommendations and my own for you.  

Hair tissue testing is not drug testing it is a superior form of testing that will reveal so much about you that we can proceed with clarity and without guessing.  

I can also clearly see on the lab's report, your thyroid strength, adrenal strength, blood sugar issues, hormone issues, infection protection, virus protection and much more! 


What is Detoxification? 


Detoxification is like house cleaning! 
To detox is to intentionally strengthen your digestive and elimination systems to function better! Your skin, eyes, hair will just glow and you become radiant! We achieve this through stabilization, redirecting some habits, bringing on some new ones, and optimizing you. 


Detoxification is done naturally by the body for sure, but often, there are problems with removing inflammation or methylation. What we do together is create an optimum situation for mobilizing and excreting your inflammation, toxins, heavy metals and we do it without gimmicks sold today that are pricey and questionable. 

You are unique and that's important! 
Everyone is different, this is why a unique and personal plan is established when we spend time together optimizing you! It's step by step. Many of my clients have decided to become medicine people who also provide for the billions of people in the world that need your help. 

Once you have achieved your own goals and you have experienced the truth of this medicine, you may wish to be part of this movement. 


What is the Plant-Based Diet and do I have to do it? 

Plant-based diets provide super positive benefits, and when we need to they get you fast results! 

When you have a disease that requires quickly reaching a goal to keep you safe, that is where we want to give your body the easiest possible avenue to regenerate energy- not digest heavy meats, grains, cheese and bread. We do not want to use energy that will take away from energy necessary for healing at a time we need to concentrate your vital energy to return to a positive state of health. 
This journey is about you, I am not here to convert nor condemn, I am supporting you. 


What about Women's Issues & Infertility? 


I have worked extensively with gynecological issues: PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis, FBD, as well as Infertility. I reversed my own diagnosis of Endometriosis and Infertility in 1993 given by Dr. Bolanos in Los Gatos, CA and I have for many women and a few men. 
You want to take action sooner than later with cysts, nodules and tumors! 

Before you get pregnant it's important to test and prepare with me so I can help you to make a better baby! 
Optimizing your baby through conscious conception is a joy for me. Having you less anxious and more aware, healthier baby, more intelligent baby, easier delivery and better chances of a future life. 

You are optimizing your baby's future! 
What about Children’s Issues? Autism, "ASD," ODD, ADHD?  

I would love to help you! 
Mom, Dad, Grandparents, or caregivers like foster parents, we talk about goals and solutions that really work and balance our family and get to the root of why children are suffering as they are today! 
I have a great deal of experience, having been a Therapeutic Foster Parent (10 years), meeting with Psychiatrists, I am a Mother, and I have lived amongst what we term Oppositional Defiant Disorder. 

When you are living with and experiencing severe levels of “ODD.” (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) it disrupts the entire family and home. Let's get on this now, let me show you what you can accomplish in addition to counseling support which is a good pair! 


What is a Hair Test? (“HTMA”) 

Quite different from a serum blood test. You are using your hair which provides 3 months of a window into your health, your macro, trace elements, and toxic elements. 

Your Patient Report also shows foods you need to eat more of and those to avoid? It has a section providing you with your own individual health trends, these are issues by diagnosis name or condition, specific to your pattern. Trends are computed by the lab using statistical and clinical research data from over 40 years of running profile tests. 
Once you order your “HTMA” (Profile #2), you will be mailed a kit with instructions about how to collect your hair sample. This is easy, takes about 5 minutes. Your packet contains a cover letter with clear instructions, a hair scale, a short submittal form, and postage-paid addressed return envelope. 


You need only about a teaspoon of hair. 

Scalp, pubic and ancillary hair (chest) all work if the hair is not dyed, permed nor chemically treated, or has products like hair gel or sprays. You want to use clean natural hair. If your hair is dyed, colored, or permed you can use pubic hair. The lab will also process fingernail, as well as toenail clippings also weighed to provide enough of a sample on the scale. 

Do not wrap the hair in tin foil, nor paper clip it or contaminate it in any way before sending it to the lab. Pieces that you weigh and return in the lab collection envelope should not be over 1.5" in length or the lab may refuse them. 

New York residents may not order tests to be mailed to the State of New York. You can contact me at my email and we can discuss if there is another way for you to order your test while visiting a relative out of state or another way. 
Your Patient Report will list nutritional elements, significant ratios, toxic elements, metabolic type, health trends (diseases, conditions), and nutritional insights. 


Your Patient Report will give us phenomenal insight into what is happening with your body from tissue that was near to the blood in your brain and carries about 3 months' worth of information including from your lymph. You will receive your report via your email. If you do not have an email we can make other arrangements. 


What is Mind-Body Medicine? 


What we hold in our minds and in our personal thoughts is often more important than the food we put into our mouths.
Mind-Body Medicine is dynamic! My clients are amazed when they realize the power of the mind and how to observe and listen to where there is tension and how that directly manifests in the body. It's amazing! 


Once you realize that our mental pain and negative thoughts create a restriction and lack of flow in the body it opens up a whole new world. 

Believe that you hold the keys to influencing your own body, mind, and spirit! It's all inside you. 
It is important to take action and not continue to wait. You never know when you won't have the same opportunity that you do today. And, most today grew up never seeing nor experiencing healing which is sad. 


It is as if we don't have time to heal-and, we do not see healing instead we see people "run to the doctor," but we don't see people actively taking a part in their own regeneration on a day to day basis; that is precisely what we do together whether that it once, weekly, biweekly, monthly or a few times a year. 

If you are like me and you realize how crucial Mind-Body Medicine is and that it is truly more than a yoga mat and a guided meditation, I also have a very unique course in Mind-Body Medicine located on my website titled: Crucial Keys to Unlocking Disease. I have a beautiful frameable Certificate of Completion for you by request when you finish this course of 5.5 hours of absolutely life-changing content. 


How Long Will it Take? 


This is a matter of personal as well as individual factors like motivation, habits, as well as individual biochemistry. I have done sessions with clients weekly to balance motivation, accountability and introduce solutions, recommendations, cover subsequent patient reports, and found that people have reversed disease in 9, 15, 24, or 36 months. 

Hundreds of clients and we are all different. Brian reversed 31 years of Psoriasis in 8 sessions. Another woman 2 years for a 27 year Lupus diagnosis. 14 months for Stage III Kidney Disease. For myself, 15 months for Advanced Ovarian Carcinoma (documented). There are way more, but again, you are unique and you may be so motivated, have a strong will, and ready to embrace some changes, get on ordering the test and consult and complete the wellness form and we get going. 

Changes begin soon, improvements build one upon the other. 

As we proceed, I "weave" in detoxification, diet, sleep, walking, nature, Mind-Body Medicine, herbs, supplements when necessary, tools, and of course the Shaman pieces for those who appreciate that. I also have clients who do not want that but want to partake of the pieces they want and to reach their own goals. 

The lab knows and I have seen as well that so many improvements happen when we put our mind to it; when we are engaged, motivated and we are capable of thinking "outside of the box." 

My clients don't accept, "this is your diagnosis for life." They don't want to pop pills forever and they believe that their own body is quite capable. Those are my clients, I don't provide services for those who are strictly obedient and complacent, and follow the herd- this is not "herd" medicine this is Original Medicine. 




They are kindred! Canine companions that we share our time, homes, and lots of love!  
I live with four canine companions: Fiyah, Luna, Pablo, and Brazen, they are all unique and loving sentient life force beings with a fondness for nature, fresh air, sunshine, or a romp in the snow. 


Much like us human animals, the diet is a big part of our energy. 

I began feeding raw over thirty years ago- I was then, accused of trying to make dogs mean? If you can imagine it does the opposite it is calming. Today, I do foods for dogs in the food processor, cooked foods, raw high enzyme foods, some fruits, many supplements and I use no chemical products. 

I solve most of their issues over 90% as they rarely have them because of their care. When they do have an issue I almost always have the remedy. I have relied upon hair tissue testing for them as well. 

Seizures are something Luna, the GSD mix 100# dog was having up to 2 hours in the middle of the night. My family member was addicted to opiates following surgery. 

I was frazzled caring for them both. I tissue tested Luna and found that she had elevated aluminum. I plan to share that story in a forthcoming book about dogs that I hope to produce soon. 

For feeding, trust-building (aka training), prevention, pest management, stomach issues, fur issues, licking, anxiety, cancer, cataracts, tumors, fatty liver, thyroid issues, I have helped people saving them thousands of dollars often in one session. I have worked with people who have therapy dogs and pups to geriatric dogs. 




I have taught many classes through Carlton County Community Education (14) as well as Duluth Whole Foods Market: Raw GF Vegan Cheesecakes, Hemp Hemp Hooray, and Thyroid Madness: Mental & Emotional Imbalances related to thyroid.  
I have developed over the last 37 years an extensive set of skills including Plant-Based Chef/Foodie, African Yoga Instructor, African Hand Drumming, African Congolese Dance, Detoxification, Mind-Body Medicine, Massage Therapy, Herbalist, animal communication, meditation many times on the ruins out of the country, HTMA, and I have given hundreds medically intuitive insights, Ancestor communication, and insights while on and off the table. 


What I offer is rare, and, it is very comprehensive it is as intuitive and perceptive as it is scientific and factual, that we have canned spiritual sensing in our "medicine" is in error and one that is glaring today. We have never been so sick, ill, and toxic yet more hospitals are being built?  

Our people are now questioning what is going on here? They are waking up. 

When I spend time with a client I really tune in on the individual energy signature. I am listening, observing, sensing, as well as being aware of what was shared in the wellness form, and have reviewed the patient report from the HTMA ideally. 

This balance of deeply sensing while with a client video, telephone or in-person also entails "entraining" with their coherent heart field and, clinical, in a world today that has experienced "treating," by a dominant industry that is so compartmentalized, codified and credentialed yet so hopelessly unaware of regeneration and true healing. 

There is an obvious gap in understanding that the "spark plugs" of the body (Hans Selye), are crucial to rebuild hormones, thyroid, adrenals, (HPA Axis), gut strength ("Terrain"), and provide for the body and brain. The refusal to think outside of just drugs, removing the "bad" body part, and chemically blasting people is just one possible way to aggressively "treat," where healing has been replaced by a more war like structure. You can sense this with the language of "beating" "conquering" "killing it," yet my way is to LEARN from it, make peace with it and listen to what it needs, which is why I am a proponent for some of Plant Spirit Medicine. It's why with Parkinson's Disease and elders I have brought on cannabis in some situations much as we do with appetite stimulation and endocannabinoids for patients today which is legal in some states? 

We don't just "wait" and wait until you are in a critical situation, it's best to gather and make a keen assessment then with the discoveries, the real root causatives (more than one) known one by one you can begin to regenerate energy sooner than later. 

Mental illness also has root causatives and often, they are physiological. 

There is ample evidence that many have healed from Schizophrenia, Bipolar, and other issues including "Conduct Disorder." As our children are more often today dealing with "Behavioral health" it is best to start this process sooner as they will become traumatized by psych wards and medications if allowed to go too long without the discovery of the issues which can rebalance a child: the HTMA is crucial! 

I have always deeply connected with trees, with the ocean, and the seasons, elements, and directions.  

My maternal Grandmother was very active in engaging me with practices beginning in 1965. In the mid-80s I took Raw Foods for Reversing Cancer, while a college student at West Valley College, a native of several generations of California where I lived until age 42. 

I have experienced Plant Spirit Medicine: psilocybin, and MDMA, having considered them as therapeutic "teachers" I took many a Journey and travels to remote places to "tune in and learn," 1987-1993. It is important not to get stagnant and keep expanding. I learn each day with study, reading, research, observing, contemplating, and conversations with people as well as connecting with The Field.  

Your habits are a crucial part of your vibration. Getting rid of my Tell-A-Vision 37 years now I adore a natural and most often quiet environment. Never owning a microwave my entire adult life on my own, I most often prepare real and whole foods. 

Encouraging natural sunlight exposure and a diet of colorful fresh and raw foods for so long in my life has contributed to my skin, the keratin, and the ability to convert sunlight into a necessary secosteroid hormone. (Vitamin "D"). 

Never applying sunscreen, I don't do any medications, no phone nor computer gaming, ever, clean living, balanced, and seeking sustainability. It is important that Plant Spirit Medicine is used by Shamans even one time to open access to higher realms of Mind as well as connection. 

Each Shaman is unique although there is a central thread that runs within us all: Respect for The Ancestors. I hear and sense and so do you. It is not a "gift," it is a development and an inner standing. 

I do not facilitate Ayahuasca nor any other illegal substance here in the US, however, it is a dream of mine to hold a beautiful space, loving positive support, and deep trust for your process and experience in the future when Psilocybin is restored as a legal plant spirit medicine. Progress is being made towards legalization.    

There is not one "medicine" for everyone, and for many, it is not Plant Spirit Medicine, often there must be gathering, stabilizing, and a journey into learning to care and balance first and foremost. When we are out of a healing crisis we are ultimately better suited for other types of Journey. 

I invite you to experience something different, that we build upon each session and watch your flower bloom more fruitfully for the first time. 


Extended Executive Level Coaching and Care? 


Karen can come to you in certain instances where a plan is arranged to be at your home for instances like a cancer diagnosis, autoimmune or other diagnosis where you need hands on help with executive level healing and assistance so that you can step back into your life! 


Please contact us and we will review and communicate about your needs and wants and see if we can set up something that would work well for you depending upon your needs. 


Contact Karen by texting: 218.310.7276


Be a Speaker at Our Event? 


I enjoy public speaking and have a wide range of topics in addition to Regeneration and reversing disease.


Topics in addition include Communication, Spiral Thinking, Community Building, Sustainability, Hair Testing "HTMA," Mind Body Medicine, Raw Foods, Plant Based Nutrition, Detoxification, Healing, Dogs and more! 

Please feel free to submit a request through the website, through email: naturallywithkaren@gmail.com or, text: 218.310.7276 so that we can connect with you and discuss your Event.




If you are interested in a specific Retreat, or, would like to host a Retreat at your Property, or have ideas, please, contact us: 




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