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What does Coaching do? 


Coaching amazes people when they learn about all they can do to improve their lives! Their health and wellness, energy levels, and to have someone in addition to their Primary Care Physician is a plus!  


Providing accuracy and bringing passion, I enjoy helping others find honest solutions that truly work! 


If we treat only the body, we are missing a great deal! Always look to the whole person: physical, mental, emotional, as well as spiritual. 


You are invited to read and review the Testimonials section. 

How Long are Coaching Sessions (Consults)? 


They are 15, 30, minutes in duration, or, a full Consult is 45 minutes in length; we cover a good amount in that time. 


How do I get started with Karen? 


Complete your Wellness Form located here:


Next, you go to the website, or this link: - sign up for a Consultation.


Once you submit your wellness form, you will be contacted, or, you may text Karen at: 218.310.7276 to schedule an appointment. 


Note: Your Wellness Form and payment must be completed first. 


Upon review of your Wellness Form, I will quickly get in touch with you to provide you with a mutually convenient appointment time. 


We can meet via FaceTime, telephone or in person


Be assured that we will make good use of your time and make sure that you receive optimum value! That is my guarantee to you! 


What is Reversing Disease? 


Reversing disease means that you are removing each symptom one by one and regenerating your own health.

Most of our health issues may be caused by food chemicals/diet, stress, vaccines, exposures to chemicals, heavy or toxic metals. For example, I will often recommend a "hair test" and then review the results of your Patient Report making recommendations for you. Then, we know what not to do! 


What is Detoxification? 


Detoxification is like house cleaning! 


To detox is to cause  your digestive and elimination systems to function better! Your skin, eyes, hair will just glow and you become radiant!  


Everyone is different, so, a unique and personal plan is established through Coaching!  


What is the Plant Based Diet and do I have to do it? 


Plant based diets provide super positive benefits, and they get you fast results! 


Weight loss, energy, or a health related goal!


No, you do not have to do it! I work with a great many people who have their own dietary preferences. 


What about Women's Issues & Infertility? 


I have worked extensively with gynecological issues: PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis, FBD, as well as Infertility. 


Don’t wait with cysts, nodules and tumors! 


Conscious intended conception is a favorite as well, meaning optimizing your baby's future! 


What about Children’s Issues? Autism, "ASD," ODD, ADHD,  I would love to help you! 


Mom, Dad, Grandparents, or caregivers can do sessions where we talk about goals and solutions that really work and balance our family and get the root of why children are suffering as they are today! 


I have a great deal of experience, having been a Therapeutic Foster Parent, a Mother, and living with and  experiencing severe levels of “ODD.” (Oppositional Defiant Disorder)


What is a Hair Test? (“HTMA”) 


This is for everyone! Dogs and horses too! Hair testing has been around for many decades and provides deep insight in an 8 page Patient Report. 


Once you purchase your hair test, or, “HTMA” you will be sent a kit to collect your hair sample, which includes a hair scale, envelope and HTMA form with SAS envelope. You need about a teaspoon of hair. Scalp, pubic and finger, as well as toenail clipping are accepted for tissue samples. 


Your own Patient Report will list out your nutritional elements, significant ratios, toxic elements, metabolic type, health trends (diseases, conditions), and nutritional insights. The Patient Report will give us phenomenal insight into what is happening with your body from tissue that was near to the blood in your brain and carries about 3 months worth of information including from your lymph.  


Our bodies are approximately, 72% water and 28% minerals. Many times, the symptoms people have had everything to do with mineral imbalance, and/or heavy and toxic metals influencing their behavior and health.  


Hair Tests are offered on the website in the Shop, select Profile #2.  


After your order your hair test, it is a good idea to also complete a Wellness Form located on the website. 


On Demand Blood Testing? 


Sometimes you want a test that your insurance may not cover, or you want to review your own results. You can order the tests that you would like, including test groups that you can then bring to Coaching and/or your Doctor or Specialist Team. People really like this option! A Quest lab will receive your req and you will receive your testing results via encrypted email. 


Go to and under Lab Testing, go to Blood Testing. Note that there are four states currently which do not allow this: New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Maryland.  


What is Mind Body Medicine? 


What we hold in our minds is often more important than the food we put into our mouth every day.


Mind Body Medicine looks to the symptoms, sidedness of the body, the body language, the words you use to describe your situation, issues, your story and your history as well as multiple generational insights. I put this together for you over several sessions of taking notes and asking key questions. 


Long ago, this field that is so powerful, that it is one of my most powerful forms of medicine was called “psychosomatics.” 


Today, we “don’t have time to heal,” we do not see healing, we do not have time to deeply process that which would effect the most healing; but this work is some of the most profound work. 

I also have a dynamic Mind Body Medicine course that is 5.5 hour located on my website titled: Crucial Keys to Unlocking Disease, it is highly recommended for anyone seeking to use Mind Body Medicine at any level. 


How Long Will it Take? 


This is a matter of personal and individual factors and choice; how often we meet and regenerating the body. You may have me as a part of of your team. Many people have a Coach and review their progress with their Doctor or Specialists. 




Yes! I love dogs!


Diets, detoxing, health issues, animal communication & behavior, vaccine issues, herbal remedies, are all things you can request help with! I was a Raw, or Primal & Ancestral feeder for over twenty years now also advocating for less toxicity, less vaccines, and tattoo over microchip. I have a great deal of dog park experience and dog energy! I have been around dogs all my life, mostly large bully breeds but recently a tiny teacup chihuahua named Pablo! 




Karen has taught through Carlton County Community Education (14 courses) as well as Duluth Whole Foods Market, many courses, including Raw Cheesecakes, Thyroid Madness and others! 


She has an extensive set of skills including Plant Based Chef/Foodie, African Yoga Instructor, Deep Level Intuitive, Detoxification and Mind Body Expert, Massage Therapist, Herbalist, and she has decades of experience with dogs! Raw feeding, animal communication, detoxification, behavior, Pack Issues as well as others! 


Extended Executive Level Coaching and Care? 


Karen can come to you in certain instances where a plan is arranged to be at your home for instances like a cancer diagnosis, autoimmune or other diagnosis where you need hands on help with executive level healing and assistance so that you can step back into your life! 


Please contact us and we will review and communicate about your needs and wants and see if we can set up something that would work well for you depending upon your needs. 


Contact Karen by texting: 218.310.7276


Be a Speaker at Our Event? 


I enjoy public speaking and have a wide range of topics in addition to Regeneration and reversing disease.


Topics in addition include Communication, Spiral Thinking, Community Building, Sustainability, Hair Testing "HTMA," Mind Body Medicine, Raw Foods, Plant Based Nutrition, Detoxification, Healing, Dogs and more! 

Please feel free to submit a request through the website, through email: or, text: 218.310.7276 so that we can connect with you and discuss your Event.




If you are interested in a specific Retreat, or, would like to host a Retreat at your Property, or have ideas, please, contact us:,  


or text: 218.310.7276. 




Yes! Karen has courses located at



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