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Hair Testing 

What do you get? 

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis delivers an 8 page Patient Report which gives us a comprehensive look at all of your minerals, ratios, toxic elements, heavy metals, and disclosed your metabolic type whether fast or slow, there are four types and your special type will be noted! 


I receive and maintain a Practitioner summary of your hair tissue mineral analysis which also will reveal key insights and your individual health trends


Your Patient Report will also give you nutritional guidance! 

Here is a real report that one of my clients authorized me to share with you:




























The Details


You can find many more details about Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis “HTMA” by clicking on the profile type of your choice. It is highly recommended that most people purchase the Profile #2 which is the comprehensive Patient Report.  


Repeated Testing & Side by Side Results to Compare! 


The HTMA Profile 3 will provide your results side by side with a former test (Profile #2), so that we can gauge your progress with Coaching, detoxification, supplements, and nutrition. 


Health Trends: Fatigue, Depression, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Autoimmune, Thyroid, 

Arteriosclerosis, Atherosclerosis and more! 


I have had very positive and also revealing reports which provided a lot of clarity for people who were suffering from just about any condition but certainly depression, anxiety, tremors, neurological, autoimmune, infertility, children’s issues and just about anything!  


Hair Testing Because YOU are largely Water & Minerals! 


Most people know, you are water and minerals, about 72% water and 28% minerals, so getting a crystal clear insight into your own mineral levels, and knowing about any toxic or heavy metals is paramount to your establishing wellness and, vibrant health! 


Slow or Fast, type #1-4 Metabolizer 

Get to know your metabolic type and find out if you are fast, or slow!


Your Patient Report will reveal your current metabolic type, identified as types one through four.

Trace Elements Founder, Dr. Watts has written extensively about minerals, and he has identified which are sedating or stimulating this matters when it comes to your healing! 


Hair Tissue Testing is a Great Value - Mail or in Person! 


Hair Tissue testing is highly prized for its enormous value it provides!


It is painless and relatively inexpensive. It is also done through the mail quite easily. 


I can provide this service for you as a Qualified Practitioner

except for the state of New York, within the US. 


Humans, Dogs, Horses & Test Your Water! 


Hair testing can be done for humans, canine (dogs), equine (horses) and also your water can be tested. 


Easy to Use Kit, Using Scalp Hair, Pubic Hair, Finger & Toenail clippings 

Once you order, next, you will receive an easy to use kit in person or through the mail. 


Once you receive your kit you fill out a short HTMA form.  


Next, follow the clear instructions to obtain a small hair sample. 

You will receive a scale to make sure you have just the right amount of hair or nail clippings! 

The instructions you will receive are very easy to follow including a picture of where and how to cut tiny pieces of your hair! In total, you will only need about a teaspoon of hair. 


Ideally, you want to use hair that is not dyed or permed. Do not worry if you do not have enough for a hair sample as alternately, we can use public hair or nail clippings from finger or toes which are also collected and then weighed on your scale. Simply place your collected hair or nails into the collection envelope provided and seal it to return with your form in the envelope provided. 


Let’s Get CLARITY About You! 


I know your own HTMA will reveal types of information and insight that you will not receive with blood testing. Blood testing often does not give you an entire assay of all of your minerals, and rarely do doctors test for toxic elements or heavy metals. This is a unique way to gain clarity about your own health and wellness! 

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Profile 1


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Profile 3


Water Chemistry Analysis Test


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Profile 2


Canine Mineral Testing


Equine Mineral Testing