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Blood analysis for minerals is a good indicator of the transport of minerals to and from the storage areas of the body (extracellular)

Hair tissue mineral analysis is a good indicator of the metabolic processes occurring within the cells (intracellular)


Hair tissue mineral testing

Better than blood testing! 

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis provides a Patient Report which gives us 
a comprehensive look at the crucial nutritional elements that we often
call our "minerals."


Did you know that some of these are the building blocks for your estrogen,
progesterone, and important neurotransmitters like dopamine? 


Let's do this together and find the real underlying causes!  


Get started today! It's painless, affordable, and the test kit is mailed to your home as soon as you order! I show you exactly where the problems are and how easy they are to turn around! Your thyroid, adrenals, gut, energy, sleep, weight, it does not matter, we do it together step by step! 

I cannot process orders from the state of New York! 

Be sure to order the combination of hair tissue test & consult located on the Shop page of this website if you want me to help you to interpret your results and make recommendations. 

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"Through proper interpretation, there exists a unique ability to recognize abnormal processes from trace mineral patterns found in hair and other tissues.  With specific dietary modifications, restoration of a more normal biochemical balance can be achieved, thereby eliminating many nutritionally related endocrine, neurological, and even emotional disturbances. 


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