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Dementia at 30?

Take a walk inside any Wal-Mart or grocery store and just take a look at what people are buying: 12 packs of soft drinks, Mt. Dew, Powerade, donuts, boxes of cereal, ice cream, chicken, bacon, burgers, cheese, breads and then, notice the other products: concealer, foundation (bondo), and all the other ways to cover up the damages. while you are there, sit quietly on a bench and just quietly observe the people: ruddy skin, obese, swollen legs, arthritis, gnarled joints, prematurely gray hair, thinning and bald patches on their heads, and, taped on hair extensions, and as I saw today, plenty of people being escorted by their PCA. Many of these folks are being warehoused quite nicely by folks making huge bucks setting up a home for them and reaping major financial rewards from governmental agencies: warehousing people is highly profitable! If you want make some bucks real quick establish yourself as a group home of sorts.

If we focus on our "bread and butter," what are we truly doing for the rest of "America?" I mean, if you know that these folks who are asking for ECT - electro, convulsive therapy, and are on mind altering drugs are incapable of making good decisions why feed them more of the same mentally constipating foods? They become a paycheck that's why! If we become a nation that is predatory upon our own people, feeding them wheat, sugar, dairy, pork, and allowing cigarettes, and ECT because "they want it," is the easy way out for the provider. The truth is that you provide an environment for people to become as healthy as possible, and wean them off the drugs to the extent possible!

Dementia comes early for the wheat, dairy and factory farmed animal consumer, but at what timing? The animals are also sentient life are they not? How many decades have millions of beings who also longed for life; longed to raise and be with their own young, their babies were minimized in the interest again of the almighty buck! Far too many!

We don't want more laws and strict regulations but we get pretty but hurt about our own children losing their opportunities for life, their immune systems, their hair, their intelligence, and now their mental abilities kind go down the toilet don't they, with dementia hitting them this young? And, we knew Diabetes was a factor for the elderly, but now, it's school children? Same with hair loss, hemochromatosis. What if I told you that I knew exactly why these things were happening and that greed, violence and resource guarding were keeping you ignorant and sick? Would you believe me?

I have tried so hard to educate that this is preventable and reversible? But who listens? Sadly, many will die a predictable death one that they paid for and fed.

You have to wonder, why people would be so resistant? I have observed for over 33 years now. What can you do when people will not listen and their not listening will cause problems for us all? If we have to build special facilities for young people who have no way to work, provide for themselves, we then need to recruit more PCAs, more housing for them, and more services that are paid for out of our community budgets of time, money and efforts. When this system breaks as it will, of course, meaning there is already a high demand for the PCA to come in an help with 90% of their clients being entirely reversible we go onto the next tier - doesn't matter you say? What about your grandkids? What about their children? What will the world look like for them and what will they think about us when we did not make our food one of our first priorities? But we looked good, had nice fingernails, nice clothing, a nice car, a beautiful refrigerator? Right?

People came to me for massage for over 14 years and they told me about their pain, and, I told them about how to reverse it. I gave them steps to get started, steps their doctors did not know. Everybody needs to make the buck in the way of the world today, and, some choose a conscious route. In my own endeavors, I approached our local hospital, Cloquet Memorial Hospital and spoke with the Diabetes Educator, Mary Marciniak about holding classes at the hospital.

I proposed teaching PLANT BASED EATING, and had a class that I had told my clients about initially approved for 5 weeks, Thursday nights, come sample food and take home recipes. In this way, people saw the way the food was easily prepared, could transition from standard American diets "SAD" food, tasted the foods and took home recipes, all of which I shopped for, put together and photocopied for $90 per student. The meeting rooms were built by donation from homeowners and business owners like myself 15 years in the community. But when I called back to set it all up and get a table at the local Diabetes Fair set up at the hospital, I was told that I could not come and teach there, that the ADA American Diabetes Association felt that all Diabetes could not be reversed. I related that my class was entirely plant based eating and I was again told that the hospital "already had Dieticians!" Rather firmly I may add. Additionally, I received a phone voicemail from Rick Breuer, Hospital Administrator that I was not going to be welcome to come and teach at the hospital? Despite my follow up calls and a personal visit to the hospital, I could not establish an in person meeting? And, next, I placed a call to the ADA who informed me rather sternly that their position at this time was that "All Diabetes forms are incurable at this time!" The hospitals dietician recommends whole grains, dairy and pork?

So, if I'm not securely complying with the system, in a predictable job and I advocate for people, truth and healing, there is no money in it right? Essentially, I would call that "squeezed out." Wouldn't you? Damn good thing for my nearly 18 years working with Santa Cruz Judges, The District Attorney and Research Attorney and in a private firm for nearly 10 years, I lost intimidation to speak direct and to speak to the truth! And, I did a lot of it in Cloquet, even with retaliation from the "Good 'Ole boys' club!" We paid the price sadly enough. You might ask me one day and I'll tell you, it's pretty sad.

You see, big business does not want you healed. And, when each diabetic type II patient yields about $72k annually, this is a big money maker! So, despite my having 14 courses under my belt through Carlton Community Education with stellar reviews, and teaching even this year again at Whole Foods in Duluth, MN a business of over 14 years with impeccable record, I was not allowed to come into the business of healthcare? Do you get it? You should.

Ms. Marciniak, The Diabetes Educator at our local hospital informed me by telephone, when I persisted with calling back from a voicemail denying me entry to the rooms set up for the community "TO HEAL," that they were not going to jeopardize their funding from the ADA for their Diabetes Fair, and, that they had their own Dieticians and that they did not need me bringing my "shakes and massage" into the hospital. I related again, I had proposed a 5 week Plant Based Nutrition (eating) course that would demo, hand out recipes and that I had the awareness as a professional to speak to how many symptoms resolved through this way of eating. Further, that I had a 30 plus year journey reversing disease using plant based nutrition, was an herbalist, LMT, RYT, NVC trained, amongst many aspects of my long development in Original Medicine; that over 15 doctors to my knowledge were quite easily reversing Diabetes Type II, and often, Type I.

So what kind of perks does a hospital have? I mean a "Not For Profit" is essentially the same thing as a Non Profit. This is what I found online about a Non Profit:

Non-profit hospital. ... Non-profit hospitals are mostly funded by charity, religion or research/educational funds. Nonprofit hospitals do not pay federal income or state and local property taxes, and in return they benefit the community.

It seems church and state are bedfellows?

Not only do hospitals have enormous donations, but they have tax exemption status and given the profitable nature of disease today, and the obvious food to hospital pipeline I discuss in my book, it's an obvious situation here. They don't want anybody inside that will "cure" people. Smacks of another "bread and butter" situation. So, having a public that is essentially "asleep," is quite benefitting, just replace the devil with "disease."

A local population loaded with autoimmune, Diabetes, gut issues, lack of mental clarity, anxiety, depression, could it be any more clear that you are being farmed? Or, will you continue to dig your way to your own grave with your teeth? Relying upon the medical industry to resurrect you from your certain health issues won't save you. And, I won't even get started on thyroid issues in this "Goiter Belt," the many people who came from this area and how they have suffered and passed from breast cancer, prostate cancer, and neurological diseases like Parkinson's Disease, MS. How many people suffer from Tachycardia that would benefit from a basic mineral assay?

My God! If you're missing magnesium your heart will cause you problems, needing a detox, you will have nervous system issues, thyroid issues and cancer, ADHD and ODD. Which one comes first, well, that depends upon your way of life.

This is precisely why we will have younger people more compromised and with early onset dementia because we now see people as business or "utility." Sad huh?