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Can muffins and whole grains give me diabetes?

Well, not exactly, but close to it! That muffin is most often made from wheat and, wheat is a huge concern for becoming Diabetic! We have all heard that we need to eat sensibly, and reduce our carbs, and even the American Diabetes Association ("ADA"), recommends whole grains, rice, tortillas, cream of wheat cereals, however, these foods, contain wheat and gluten which has been engineered in the last many decades to cause your body to suffer some pretty substantial harm! Most people are being held hostage to big bellies because of wheat as well as becoming hypoglycemic and diabetic!

Wheat elevates your blood sugar into the 200-300 range which is higher than eating a candy bar! You heard that right! Imagine if your daily diet is cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and garlic bread with spaghetti for dinner? Sounds pretty common, and it's toxic as well as it is wearing out your pancreas! You have got to listen up! Eating wheat and gluten will rob you of precious years of your life, create emotional turmoil, sour moods, toxic relationships and more! Many people suffer from migraines, headaches, and asthma among other problems from "using" wheat!

What do I do about that? Well, you can do what I do and begin using Garbanzo Bean

Double chocolate Vegan, Gluten Free Muffins

flour from Bob's Red Mill, for savory recipes, you can make "chickpea" patties, one of my favorite is topped with fresh guacamole. Make tortillas and sweet recipes from other items like coconut flour, almond meal for baked doughnuts, pancakes, muffins, and pastries. You may have noticed Gluten Free flour blends in the stores, at our local natural foods store and many others we have many kinds that I have tried out, however, if you are using one that is comprised of heavy STARCH, and the label says: potato starch and tapioca starch, please know that this will raise your blood sugar just as much if not more due to the heavy starch of these products. Opt for the simple flours in stead of these heavy starches!

Diabetes is big business! Just look into it for yourself and see how much it costs all of us and then, have a discussion with those in your local health industry and make it known that we should not be pushing wheat, heavy starch and gluten on our people causing them to fall into deeper health problems, which costs us all even more in addition to the stress and hardships! I have often suggested to our local hospital, Cloquet Memorial Hospital that I could teach Plant Based Classes as I have done since the 1980s to help our people, but, with the ADA paying for Diabetes Fairs it was disallowed? We cannot teach people to heal themselves? People like myself are experiential learners: they learn best by watching the food prepared, going home with recipes and tasting the food, even sampling it!

It's a fact, wheat and gluten will give lots of people Diabetes, and will present more incidences of even Type 1 Diabetes in subgroups of children that can be reversed by removing this toxic "food" from our diet. If you are suffering from brain fog, memory issues, low energy, skin rashes, dermatitis, dandruff, toxic moods, hypoglycemia, lose the wheat and the gluten! You will be so thankful you did! Just imagine how much of this toxic food people are consuming, including how we "feed" the poor in our world today!

One step at a time, we heal the world, together!