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The Hell of Not Sleeping with Hyperthyroid

Not sleeping is more than just miserable-it's dangerous. Everyday life requires us to be awake, and aware, but for the person who is not sleeping, life is hell. A constant need to have some energy, feel replenished by sleep is ever alluding. Hell is the best description of this state of mind because you want so much to be able to just feel good again, but, missing sleep happens over, and over again. And, you get pretty fatigued with people asking you if you're tired-yes, I'm exhausted! Not sleeping could mean laying down and tossing and turning, and for others, it is waking up repeatedly during the night, or, waking up extremely early in the morning. Often, many people do not even realize that their waking up at 3:30 am is a symptom they should be paying attention to; it has always been their "normal." You may have even been "tested" for problems with your thyroid gland and you were in the 'normal' range, however, Insomnia could still be a symptom caused by a fast thyroid gland.

It's possible that your Thyroid Gland could be making too much thyroid hormone. You could have a thyroid imbalance and you may not have an official diagnosis. Some of the experiences include: sweatiness, heart palpitations, anxiety, nervousness, weight loss, increased appetite, and, bowel issues. You could have skin rashes and more pronounced allergy symptoms, and, you may have thyroid nodules which are like cysts on the thyroid which are often detected by a thyroid ultrasound. Hyperthyroid often produces Insomnia and, it's a living hell for the person suffering from it.

Imagine a beautiful colorful Hummingbird, just for a moment please. Close your eyes and see the fast pace of it's wings and how much energy it needs, this is what I see when I observe a person with Hyperthyroid, they are using so much energy just to get through the day. They feel as though they could never have the energy to work all day, because they are not recharging at night-they are not sleeping due to Insomnia. Relying upon medications or other substances like alcohol may exacerbate your problems: you could really cause a lot of stress to your heart. To avoid all of that, I would like to recommend a few things: Removing wheat from your diet: detoxing the body from what really produces a source of irritation and congestion, particularly to our throat, our gut and our bowels - irritation that keeps us off kilter in so many ways. Next, taking a good quality Magnesium Glycinate supplement every single day within hours of planning to sleep. The Magnesium Glycinate will begin to help your heart, your central nervous system and help you to rest much better once your body begins to build up a supply of magnesium, you should see and feel noticeable differences.

There are a lot of people suffering from the hell of not sleeping and many of them, not all, have thyroid gland issues: some of those are hyperthyroid sufferers. Insomnia and Hyperthyroid symptoms hurt! We need our energy to get to enjoy life, parent, work, maintain a decent mood, and to sleep!