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Our Face

A newborn baby is often referred to as a "blank slate," in developmental terms, meaning that we input from nature (genes) and nurture (guidance). Infants are entirely a sensory organ- in many respects, they are in an entirely new 'vehicle.' Our brain is "ENCODING," taking in information which is stored in the unconscious mind that has many seeds planted within it. We are receiving information from birth to approximately age 3-4 without the filters that an adult has to reject information. At the same time, we are learning our large and fine motor skills with walking, running, our hands and fingers, we are also developing into being able to sense, feel and be in the world. What is experienced shapes us in many ways equal or greater to the nature component which is most commonly expressed as our DNA, genetic material from mother and father. Our face is a facet which is reflected from The Mind. One of the most common ways I gather information is Mind Body Medicine which after decades, I can quickly 'take in' a lot of information based on the energy of the person I am seeing, their face, their body language, colors they are wearing, the state of their skin, and their ability to focus in a session. There is no right or wrong, there is an entirely different format to The Ways of The Ancients, Medicine People, Original Medicine and the new system today, Allopathic Western Medical Industry. One is ancient, and one is excellent for trauma care but, not so good for truly healing.

What we experience external to ourselves much like a young child and a television with advertisements, the news channel, oftentimes equal to violent movies, is damaging to our imagination, our life dose of magic, the way we can inspire from within for both self and the world. A child who is exposed to adults quarreling, yelling, screaming will often become an individual that in many ways has their own predictable reactions throughout their lifetime from child to adult. The same is true of adults who as children had fiercely resource guarding parents or caregivers, those who were adamant about fidelity, heard the discussions about "cheating," and saw displays of jealousy, perhaps, even felt rejection from parents once the child began to form relationships external to the central parents or parents. Few people are truly willing to observe self, and, to make a plan to work on the interior landscape of Mind. It is refreshing to find those individuals who truly desire to heal and move forward, and, often times do more than just apply a bandaid-the lure of the liquor store, the blunt or the next dab is all too convenient.

Emotions are the water of our being, influenced by Mind. Our cognitive mind with the help of seeds planted in the unconscious mind begins to interpret how we experience the world. Our body, which is our "vehicle," will provide a roadmap for me as a Healer to the pain of The Mind. Our face 'evidences' our road; in the picture below you can clearly see the many muscles of face and the decrease in blood flow due to tension of the mind will cause the face to present in predictable ways.

For the last several decades, I steadily became more adept at energy and, face reading. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) which I had experienced back in my home in California, it is nearly all the time that the practitioner is observing the face, pulse, tongue; the liver and spleen lines, and how each individual has a unique way of interpreting many of our commonly shared experiences. In addition to being strongly medically intuitive, I read the face, I listened, and I became aware through listening about the lifestyle of the person I was assisting such that we could restore balance; including to our face. Our face is a direct reflection of our feelings and those feelings that were forming as a very young child, through many trials, hardships, through joy, love, exploring the world, our lifestyle habits of eat, drink and other things we selected along our path.

Our face alone will guide the Healer into greater understanding of how, to provide relief from the pain of life, Mind, and the human experience as it is today.