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Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

The "three squares" was promoted through propaganda to the mainstream world as "Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner," and, most people still subscribe!

We are physically digging our graves with our teeth! We have made eating into entertainment and it has become another drug the way we gravitate to fill our empty spaces

with filling our mouth, and, our belly until many of us reach what I call "food coma." Food coma gently takes us to a pacified place through oral gratification, and, our blood supply leaves the brain and stays in the gut working tirelessly to digest all the excess matter which hopefully becomes "stool" the next rising. You can reduce your belly weight by just curbing your eating and anything but water hours within going to sleep, and, going to sleep with the Moon - rising with the Sun. This way you give your body a chance to reset itself and focus the energy on sleep.

The longer that you wait to begin eating the better off you will be which means that you avoid digesting and, instead do your juicing or blended juice or smoothie and consider having your large meal of the day between 12 and 4pm. You can snack on raw fruit, veggies and coconut water or raw goji cacao squares. People who are still eating pasta, what I call "paste" are not doing themselves any favors because they are congesting their entire colon. I have been largely plant-based for 33 years now despite all the warnings and comments about being "too thin," I knew that it was right for me to avoid eating "dead animals." Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner is a paradigm positioned by the corporate oligarchy that dominates a world of people who are largely "asleep," and can be taken advantage of. I ask you to consider realizing that the 3 Squares is false, misleading and harmful to consume that many calories and, that much protein.

When we remove this word sound, "Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner," we replace it with "my meal," or "my food," but not the paradigm of overeating to meet the standards of a consumer based industry. Consider eating less for life!