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Saving Your Life

It’s amazing to me – I have received the greatest gift of life! To help people on their path in life – to heal and to live life to the fullest in their bodies, to find information to keep them alive. I am very honored to have been a part of your journey!

I have worked with people for over 14 years in the “Northland.” I arrived here on July 1, 2002 from California where I was born and raised.

I opened my business serving people on and off the table February 1, 2003. I have learned a whole lot! More than I ever planned. I heard hundreds of shares and stories, some were very personal and intimate. And, I took in a lot of confidential information and sensitive shares.

I will never forget the times I was contacted with a special request for a woman who was dying she wanted to work with me one on one, and come weekly for 6 weeks for a 90 minute session on the table. I would wrap her up in my arms and sing to her lightly, rock her, massage her and help her to find peace and comfort as she wanted. This was a nurse with small cell cancer.

This has been a very long journey in my life and I have grown in ways that I did not entirely plan. I find that I can ‘scan’ somebody quite quickly. I can assess issues in the body and mind diligently and determine a plan for them to help reverse their symptoms and identify the root cause of the issues quickly and succinctly. However, this type of medicine is just not seen anymore – it was long ago.

We don’t even know what to call those of us who actually remember?

Years later, I began to put all the pieces together. My background in raw foods from the 1980s, being an Herbalist, empowering my “medicine,” with decades of reading, courses, certifications. Becoming expert level in Mind Body Medicine and, Thyroid issues. Teaching through Community Education and, Whole Foods among other venues.

Helping people begin new journeys as an adult, helping parents with children with anxiety, suffering from depression, and a whole host of issues, I became before my very eyes, a dedicated Medicine Woman, not a Doctor, but truly a Healer. Now, I realize, that all the ways I “saw” facilitated my clients to see colors; I “heard,” and gave scores of medical intuition, occasional mediumship with names, information, and details that this is our birth rite, and, we deserve to have medicine people again!

There is a huge difference between somebody who is bound by the confines of a system that has strictly disallowed me and many hundreds of ‘me’ who wanted to show YOU just how to heal: to reverse disease and to employ simple, and, natural methods, BUT, it was DISALLOWED! The umbrella of each of these institutions is profit, and business greed, otherwise, all that money you and your families have given would have developed a “cure,” for many of these codes (diseases) long ago!

To know with absolute certainty that somebody can easily heal themselves; let go of many of their symptoms, and no longer carry a heavy burden of extra weight on their frame.

No longer need personal products to cover up the stink (of flesh, wheat, dairy, and, sugar), like anti-depressant, colognes, dryer sheets, body wash and well, it gets overwhelming to be inside a smaller treatment room with people who are bathing in all these cover ups.

People are keyed up due to what is happening in the world. They watch far too much “news.” They are on the predictable poles: coffee n the morning and sleeping pills or other remedies in the afternoon.

Time after time clients would would tell me about their pain, misery, early and, predictable deaths. Renting space with a larger group of women, I see the flyers that come to the desk about “Benefits,” like Spaghetti Dinner, or Brats, something like this which is a great idea to help others who became “degenerated,” except that we continue the pattern of degeneration eating many of these foods.

for those who have come down with the new disease code. There is no end to them!

And, I ask myself, as I am all too aware of both the PROPAGANDA of the food system, and the TRAP that is the way that people SELF INFLICT each and every single day.

Their PAIN causes them to repeat behaviors, habits and pain cycles – their pain causes them to become oxygen deprived, to lack proper blood flow and that, causes predictable tension in the body which WILL lead to disease; without a doubt!

Yet, for over THIRTY-TWO (32) YEARS, I searched, observed, listened deeply, did hands-on massage therapy to provide for myself and my young son, and, I discovered key insights, I read medical publications. I even had a subscription to The Lancet when I was in college- I mean, I was super passionate.

Then, one day it really ‘hit’ me. A client of over twelve (12) years said it: she said, “you know more than even my Endocrinologist, because you study every single day!”

I am humble, I provide a good service, but, in Cloquet, I could not find my “market.”

What do I mean? People were social eaters, and, they were ‘mainstream’ eaters, habitually and within the groups that they socialized it was too uncomfortable to ‘eat’ any other way!

But, I knew in my heart that I could cause them to realize; that they too could be saved the misery of yet another SURGERY even for that issue the “Doctor” told them was completely not their fault, was no other way to “fixing,” but I knew the truth!

In fact, had the plant-based diet, (full of vitamins, enzymes, and minerals), a few supplements, exercise like walking and yoga, filtered water in good amount for the day, and, shutting off the “news” and getting sleep there would be NO NEED for the CPAP machine, the Diabetes diagnosis, and, the surgery. The issues would ENTIRELY go away! And, eventually, even those that the drugs, surgery and other procedures caused!

If I hadn’t seen this for MY OWN EYES, I would never have believed it! But, it’s saved my life more than a few times. I have clients raving about what has happened for them. Denny reversed the most of his Stage III Kidney Disease and has a beautiful testimonial on my website. Ernestina reversed 85% of her long term Lupus diagnosis and has a testimonial from 2015 on my website.

Long ago there were words for this type of person “Curandera,” “Shaman,” and “Mystic,” but today, all we hear is the bulk category of “Alternative Medicine.” I am not “Alternat