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Hyperhidrosis: Profuse sweating in the hands, armpits or feet

Tuesday night, I taught a class at Whole Foods called: Thyroid Madness. In that class, I discussed the multitude of thyroid symptoms: how we get thyroid problems, and, what we can do about them. One symptom that is often associated with THYROID imbalance is HYPERHIDROSIS.

In my upcoming book, I speak to the aspects of Thyroid dysfunction that are generational.

In the same way that we see young children being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease, and Diabetes Type II, where formerly, we only saw older adults, we are also seeing children being diagnosed with Hyperhidrosis. If this diagnosis is unfamiliar to you, it means just as it sounds: excessive sweating, typically in the hands. Nobody wants to deal with this, nor, do they wish to add yet another pharmaceutical drug or damaging body care product likely containing aluminum to “solve” this problem or excessive sweating!

Young children are terribly embarrassed the result of sweaty palms, and people do not want to deal with this; it’s an inconvenience!

Doctors in the Western world offer a variety of solutions including surgery, antiperspirants, and a lot of herbal tea and other products are being sold to those who suffer: however, what truly must be done is that you embrace a new way of life causing your own body to “RESET” and, “REGENERATE” homeostasis and life force energy so that it can restore thyroid function.

Hyperhidrosis while not fun, can be removed as a symptom if a new way of life is embraced and something that you and I can review together in a Guidance Session on the telephone, Skype or, you can join one of my upcoming Webinars so that you can learn how to do this for yourself and your beloved family.

Don’t wait to get well within-you could be living free of excessive sweating and, healing your thyroid by taking the first step and scheduling a time together with me so that we can help you!