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Mind Body Medicine – Sharing from the Medicine Bag

Somebody we know has already gone through “it” we don’t want to think about “it,” and, “it” usually begins with an overall feeling of fatigue, and an inner sense knowing inside, in what I term the “GPS,” (Guidance & Protection System), that you are not well. We head to the Urgent Care, the Emergency or, schedule an appointment with our Primary Care Physician to find out! When –because it is not if, it’s when, we discover that something is “wrong,” we want to heal it, get rid of it, move it and get on with our health as quickly as possible; any of us do – right? I do. Yet the way of life we participated in that brought us “lack of ease” is something we must be willing to look at and learn from. Lack of Ease, or disease, is what manifests in our body, mind and spirit – it is always in all three because it started, in the mind. I help clients from the perspective of prevention and also clients in crisis, whether a “Cancer Coach” or helping with Thyroid/anxiety/Infertility, you could honestly insert nearly any disease, as the body always seeks homeostasis. Long ago, I discovered that guiding my clients in food, lifestyle and intuitively as holistically was a much-needed service; doctors were not trained for this, nor had the time. Seeing each person as sacred and precious Energy, as opposed to working with an emphasis on one body part or system. When we sense something is not right with us and we go and get it checked out, we often demand more testing! Scan us, check our blood, check our urine, and tell us what is wrong! We want to know, we have a right to know –we are “covered.” We have insurance, many of us and it’s supposed to pay for things like this so we can find out. And, find out we do! For if you go looking for a thing you will find it. Not to say that testing is wrong; it has become second nature now to have ourselves checked over and thoroughly. We have somehow surrendered that part of us which knew, which felt the lack of ease long before it became manifest in the body. We associate with our lack of ease- talk about it at the gym, our workplaces and we carry our diagnoses as a badge, a reminder that a part of us is not well and refer to the part as separate: “the leg” “the hip” and make a disconnection with our own bodies, rather than a piece of the whole with our communication and thus our intention: our vibration. “My leg” “My hip” is ‘including’ language and promotes a more healthful mind body conversation. I listen and observe, with the shares, of the story- I both sense, and hear what is truly happening. If I do not hear it the first time, I hear it later. This is one of the best tools in my ‘toolbox.’ One example as there are many based on various centers and aspects of the body and wherea lung issue manifests and becomes known as the issue of Asthma. The lungs are the emotional center for grief and sadness. Asthma is caused in part by not only the emotional, mind body, exposures, but also phlegm, mucous and congestion. When I partner with a client in the interest of improving their health, I listen first, gather the individual’s information with regard to various body functions and it helps me to guide the client as I do not diagnose. I utilize food as medicine, lifestyle, yoga/exercise, juicing, herbs, and of intuitive abilities, including medically intuitive abilities to remotely scan and produce energy work for the benefit of my clients. Subtle systems produce profound results; they are our eldest ‘medicine.’ Original medicine is not alternative medicine, it is, Original from the Root of All life, we seek to balance and heal, naturally.