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Prevention is the Key

To protect our health and do our best to prevent future health issues is an investment in our lives, with coaching, lifestyle choices, and eating mostly at home, seated and relaxed and not on the run, behind the wheel. Coaches guide you to look at your body hygiene products to remove toxic substances and easily find new products you will enjoy and love to use! Coaches guide you to look at ways you may be holding yourself back from realizing some of your potential that you would like to manifest in your life – a business borne the result of your experiences is something that has arisen from coaching for some of my clients. One became an Anxiety Coach following our work together! Another is on her way to becoming a Lupus Educator about how she reversed most of her disease changing her food and lifestyle. There are endless possibilities when you take the time to invest in your and love yourself! It’s also an investment to take the time to investigate which, if any vaccines you wish to partake. Some people get every vaccination from the flu to shingles to other vaccines and other choose to get no vaccines at all; it’s a personal choice. And, prevention of disease also is a function of Mind Body inner monologue, how we perceive the world we live in and participate in. Is our world easy and effortless or is there struggle at every corner? Are there Mind Body health issues the results of racism, genderism, abilityism, or ageism? When we value our lives, we begin to make choices like these: • Watching television fewer hours or, not at all;

• Removing the microwave from our home and embracing sound cooking methods free of radiation;

• Not needing to plague the mind with horrific images daily on gaming devices, shows, movies;

• Choosing to read more;

• Choosing to be in nature daily for a walk;

• Removing dairy, wheat and animals products from the diet. Know Thyself; Heal thyself! Life is for the living!