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How many times have you or someone you know gone to the doctor to find out what ‘it’ is? You go in specifically to get “checked,” because something is just not right. Maybe you have heard a lot of people talk about the MEDICAL TREND of the day, “Thyroid” and, well, you looked up some of the symptoms and you wonder, if this may be you? Maybe your thyroid gland is not functioning well.

In the last 50 years medical research and clinical medicine do not comport. Because we can measure blood and place it against a range is not the same thing as self-knowledge. You know when you are not energetic, not sleeping well, have digestive problems, excessively sweating, you can look in the mirror and see if your eyes have “bags,” and you already know if you are overweight, meaning it’s a burden to carry your big body around, it’s taxing and it costs you that energy you would like to have for other things.

Becoming dependent upon testing, scanning and being “checked,” is harmful. Why you ask?

1. It distances people from self-knowledge;

2. It creates a false reality that we can ‘find’ what ‘it’ is;

3. It is costly whether to the insurance industry (world) or the individual;

4. It is often harmful and painful

We have created entire manuals to encompass our lack of ease, and an entire INDUSTRY suited just perfectly to help you out, whether whiplash, or the medical ‘trend’ of the day. However, where are the drivers of real life? Where are the food forests? Where is the cooperative life and the simple, joyful life? Perhaps that is our mission: resurrect life?

I want to introduce you to psychosomatics, aka Mind Body Medicine, or Psychogenic ways which look to the produce of the mind. You see when I was a young girl, I heard my mother say several times, “what the mind perceives the mind believes.” And, that is exactly spot on!

Most of what you RECEIVE from the medical industry for your measurable condition or “disease” code is placebo, I said most because it’s not all for sure. But most of what the majority of those reading this blog post would argue differently are in fact psychosomatic, and, it was proven long ago.

This is the subject of my two new courses: a foundation in Mind Body and Thyroid focused course. It is my pleasure to bring this so that more people can have the opportunity to truly “see” and experience just where disease comes from, and, accidents and many things that happen to us in life that seem random, however, they are truly not. And, in fact, many of our “Founding Fathers” of psychology discovered an event called “Symptom Imperative,” which means that once you ‘take care’ of that shoulder, back or neck problem with surgery, you will get another symptom which is coming from the mind.

So, why don’t we have Psychosomatic Practitioners in our hospitals, clinics, or available for us to go to so that we can work these things out? Because that would not be very profitable for the medical industry, would it? Being “treated,” is all you’ve ever known.

People are highly trained mentally to respond ONLY to the Doctor, the person with MD behind their name; it took a bit of time, but people are not fully conditioned to trust only the doctor, even if it means they bypass surviving something entirely reversible using psychosomatics (Mind Body), diet, and detoxification. And, that is exactly how I have achieved such amazing results helping real people reverse disease entirely. The way of a Medicine person is a journey, it’s not overnight. I have found that I can now easily ascertain the SYMBOLIC reason for each and every condition.

Most Doctors cannot and will not make a Psychosomatic diagnosis – for sundry reasons.

Please consider that your ‘lack of ease,’ may be generated by your mind and not just happenstance of your physical body, including the new trend of “thyroid disease.”