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Real Medicine

Most people today shop at the grocery store. We get items to take home and often those items are already prepared and we only need to heat them up. We feel like we may not have enough time to truly “cook.”

One aspect of my ‘medicine’ is that I show people how to prepare food which is a huge time-saver.

Imagine that you start your day with a large fresh juice, either the juicer or the blender. One thing that is often confusing for many clients is getting started. For carrots, apples and celery, and all the other harder items we put them through the juicer, and, the extraction makes for quick nutrients that enter our system quickly to disperse and do their thing! Vitamins, minerals and enzymes are in fresh live foods!

Now, the more squishy items like berries, bananas-unless frozen for smoothies, melons like my favorite, cantaloupe and watermelon can go into the blender for a delicious juice or smoothie.

When you “break your fast” and you wake up in the morning, you can wait a bit and allow your system to do it’s work of elimination. Take in some room temperature water and maybe in a bit some warm tea, then, your juice so that it carries you through until lunch time.

This can seem like a big stretch for some, I have worked with clients who were in overeating programs, and who had multiple diseases and syndromes, but I have seen with my own eyes the efficacy of rebooting the body and mind with detoxification. Juice in the morning will truly bring you great results. The coaching I do in wellness consults is to individualize a plan just for you! Working on whatever goals you have as well as reversing disease for many.

The real medicine is contained in your daily habits. Self-love is providing for yourself with wellness and life force energy and not just calories or what tastes good. Back when my Great Grandmother had a farm and ate what we consider the standard American diet she did not have many of the chemicals, hormones and heavy neurotoxins that are present today causing thyroid, and nervous system disorders. I take my clients through the basics of learning about how they can eat to live and make food their medicine today, in today’s world and then to detox all the way through to achieving remarkable results with reversing disease.

Some people have all the “warning” signs but they refuse to listen – the outcome of the hospital bed is inevitable. If you’re sneezing, stuffed up and spending more than a minute on the toilet in the morning, have anxiety, regular depression, congestive illness (CPAP) and are taking multiple “medications,” it’s time that you truly begin to provide self-love!