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Ital Movement

Imagine a world without a racial caste system-could you? And, without “trap” music, clothing, food and many of our systems we live under today. Imagine all people with equal access to joyful and simple life!

I mean, what if we never had diminished people and relegated people into a caste system? We would not have the “word sound,” that we have today, and by that, I mean that word, that is present in hip hop, in rap and in the streets with people:


And, particularly grating is when I hear a Caucasian person using this word sound!

Unfortunately, many people feel as though there is no problem using words like this? Speak this to an older person and observe the difference; we have a real erosion of respect and consciousness to be using this type of word sound.

Words like this are so provocative and, they are denigrating; as well as self-deprecating. We need to move past using them, especially when young people begin using them knowledge of the hurt and painful history of the many words so closely aligned.

I would like to think that we have a chance to begin to repair extensive wounds, hurts and foul language by cleaning up how we think, communicate and how we relate with each other. Let’s observe and listen well to our way of speaking and behaving so that we can move past the use of poverty language and into self-empowering and positive language that speaks to our commitment to uplift and empower appropriately.

Perhaps send your message of clarity by avoiding those who use this type of speech, music and language; just move from it!

Put energy into what we do want!