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We are a “fix it fast” people today!

Just visit your small local natural foods store and see the entire WALL of pills in jars! And, some supplements are great, but when you BYPASS the education, nutrient-dense food, lifestyle changes, sleep and attending to the Root Causatives you are just plain guessing!

I often get an inbox on social media, a text or a passing question in person from somebody who I am not seeing in a wellness session about helping somebody else out with ANXIETY or something else.

We are in too deep with our want to fix ourselves quick and simple!

Each person has a “story” to tell, first, I hear it in the Mind Body Medicine way, I listen, observe and then consider what is shared with me. I am also sensing and interpreting some of the information energetically, looking at the hair, skin, nails, weight, eyes, and more!

It’s unwise to ask what can somebody do whom you have never even met because you do not have information sufficient to consider what is truly happening for that person. First, we do not harm!

Let’s take anxiety for instance, it could be thyroid driven, it could be poor diet, it could be emotional, it could be depressed adrenal glands, it could be products used, it could be a hidden drug dependency, alcoholism, it could be many things.

I truly stay away from a ONE SIZE FITS ALL approach, or the one pill at the natural foods store or the doctor will “FIX” you, because most often, it won’t!


There is NO SUPERPILL! There is not easy way out to good health, energy, sleeping well, and feeling relaxed except that you need a WAY OF LIFE that is practical and fosters good habits with consistency.

THAT is just what I offer! Helping you BUILD those habits, put them into place, develop them and do them in a rhythm that works for you; that heals you; that builds you!

Consults are just for YOU, private, individualized, and confidential. In over three decades, I provide just the right kind of professional support and help you to reach those goals!