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A NEW WEEK? Lessons in Word Sound

Is it? When I speak about “Word Sound,” it means choosing our words carefully and placing them with conscious intention. Weak is the opposite of strong. Weekends are not our “weak ends” they are how we end what is often the work week for many people.

If that did not confuse you, let’s try another one: we often say “thank you,” but we are truly giving a thanks to someone for some reason and so we say “Give thanks,” in place of “Thank you.”

One more, “Word Sound,” each time we rise up from our sleep fresh for a new day, we customarily say: “Good Morning,” however, morning is also ‘mourning,’ as in mourning the dead. Good death is not the most pleasant way to begin the new day and so many people often replace “mourning” with “Blessed Rising,” or “Grand Rising” or, simply, “Greetings.”