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Thyroid & The Holidays

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the holidays can produce desired expectations within all of us, and those expectations are not always fulfilled! We can become depressed, despairing, and longing for connection with loved ones, or feeling so disconnected and with no sense of having a connection with people who love and care about us.

When you have thyroid imbalances you cannot manage those feelings, those emotions as well as you would like to, the hurt steps in and the mind starts to produce more expectations about how life “should” be. We feel hurt inside. When we are not balanced in our glands, we can have behaviors like lashing out, harsh words, anxiety, panic attacks, and deep depression with thyroid issues.

Many people with thyroid issues are also more susceptible to suicide if they are left undiagnosed and untreated and their emotional and depression issues increase and escalate. Add on antidepressants, and some people have had compounded problems mentally. Be aware, be open to receiving coaching, information and treatment about your thyroid at any time of the year, but, particularly, during winter and between the holidays when more emotional issues are present.