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Thyroid Madness!

The cold weather is coming and it’s got you really wanting to plan a trip somewhere warm!

The thought of winter and cold windy, snowy days that will be here soon, gives some people anxiety, and, depression!

If you have been experiencing weight gain, fatigue, a lot less tolerance for cold weather, and, womb issues, you just might have a thyroid problem.

One way to find out is to take your basal body temperature. Before you get out of bed have your thermometer handy and take your resting body temperature. If it’s below 97.6 consistently, you likely have a problem.

When we are hypo (slow) thyroid we tend to have the fatigue, weight gain, puffy eyelids, or those “shiners,” dark circles underneath!

Our thyroid gland helps regulate our metabolism and, our hormones. That means that womb issues like heavy bleeding, PCOS, endometriosis and even infertility are strongly connected with thyroid issues.

What you eat and drink greatly affects your thyroid issues and we can make a lot of improvements with our thyroid that means, womb and energy by eating more from the Earth, or what I call a “plant-based diet.”

Please, learn what to look for with thyroid issues, how thyroid issues may be producing womb issues and, ‘eat to live!’