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The Raw Kitchen – Tools of the Lifestyle!

The majority of the people who have begun a raw foods journey absolutely love the ease of it! Most of us are not entirely raw, but we like and enjoy raw foods, especially in the summer when it’s warm and cooler foods are just really satisfying! I wanted to share with you what I use and make food simply and easily, often with no recipe once you get going on this way of living. Here’s what I have at home:

• Blender – Blendtec • Juicer – I have a Kuvings Single Gear Masticating Juicer • Food Processor – Cuisinart • Dehydrator – Excalibur 9 tray with the flex sheets • Knives, Strainer, grater, manual citrus juicer, nut mylk bag • Spiral slicer – inexpensive hand held The blender, it’s essential to have a higher speed blender so that you can use it with harder items like ginger and also make warm to hot soups in minutes right in your blender! It will last you, mine has been with me since 2010! The Juicer, I really wanted a single gear juicer and one that is easier to clean after 3 decades of centrifugal juicing and all the wet pulp; it’s not the worst thing in the world, but it’s time consuming and it can be a bit harder to save the drier pulp produced by the single gear machines that I also use in my raw food cookies and pies. The Food processor, I didn’t warm up to right away once into raw foods, I was a bit intimidated by it and the attachments which I still don’t use very often which is just silly! I make raw cookies in minutes and then harden in the refrigerator and they are both nutritious and ‘medicine.’ Dehydrators give you the advantage of using your pulp and excess foods that you can preserve for a later time, you can make taffy and all kinds of crackers that you can make vegan, and gluten free naturally and for pennies on the dollar! The paring knife is my tool I cannot be without, even if traveling I need one for fresh food eating! My spiral slicer gets used a lot in the summer when zucchini season is in full swing! I make great, fast and tasty dishes with squash, both green and yellow and all kinds of toppings. I have a lot of fun and people are really beginning to use this with feeling the gut issues the result of our eating a hybridized wheat so high in gluten which irritates our gut and causes a lot of people stomach pain. This is quicker, no cooking, no fuss, and easy to top. If you want a warmer dish, just place the ‘noodles’ made from squash in hot water for a minute and it’s warmed to taste! A favorite topping is the Wildwood brand Vegan Aioli! Raw soaked pine, macadamia nuts or both, hemp seeds, a pinch of Himalayan pink salt and fresh chopped basil! It’s my version of ‘nearly’ Raw Vegan NotFredo! Lively up yourself!