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Catching a Cold

Why is it that we seem to “catch” a cold right when we get a chance to slow down and sometimes right when we get to our vacation? How did we catch that cold? Was it going around? Perhaps younger children with runny noses, touching door handles? Let’s talk about why you got the cold and how to get rid of it, with an aim for not having them as frequently in your bright future! Colds are a generic name for a set of symptoms that can include: runny nose, congestion, stuffed nose, sinus issues, a cough, a sore throat, and there are more symptoms, in fact, often we wonder if “it” is a cold or is it “The Flu.” Both Cold & Flu have low energy in common! All colds are “cleansing opportunities” this I learned in herbal school; we learned that the body needed to do a purge! Let go of the accumulated mucous, phlegm, wheat products, sugar, and emotions!

• That fight you had with you man last week

• That extra stress at the job with your coworkers due to a trade show

• That extra 25lbs you gained over the last year

• That thyroid issue that you know you have but isn’t being diagnosed causing you loss of sleep • That incessant stress of not getting pregnant and infertility issues What goes out in – must come out! Negative thinking transmutes into inflammation, pain and often leads to poor eating habits which form more mucous and congestion in the body. How? • Cheese – highly addictive morphine like structure (casein)

• Alcohol • Fried Foods • Wheat breads, pasta, cakes, muffins, pastries made of wheat which is hybridized and high in gluten And there are many other hybridized and genetically modified foods that will cause our bodies to do it’s normal and natural cleansing process that we commonly refer to as a “cold.” I provide wellness coaching which guides you into eating an “Electric” or high plant-based diet which is much more freeing, easier to prepare and requires less menu, recipe and ingredients. It’s a choice which is fresher, more vibrant, more life-giving force is added to the body, and thus, far fewer colds as you detox much less frequently and enjoy better health. Specific juices, teas, like fresh lime and ginger juice are a welcome addition to increasing your food-based Vitamin C! What are you waiting for? Your life force can only be strengthened and increased by learning new ways to nourish your body, mind and spirit!