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Giving Thanks

Right when I open my eyes I realize I’m thankful to be alive, thankful for breath, for a place to sleep and for some of my simple comforts – I want you to be thankful too.

Reason being is that is fosters more of a positive heart and mindset. It brings us out of despair; who hasn’t suffered from despair? I have.

Some days we feel like we just cannot go on any longer with some of the pressures that can interfere with our life joy – but with a habit of waking up thankful, taking a moment before you just get up and get going in a rote way, allow yourself to just breathe and be thankful.

It really and truly works, and, it gives you a bit of time to be present to what your dreams and vision may have brought for you for your highest good.

Every day you are creating your story, your ability to shed karma from it’s outflow which was mapped for you in your astrology natal chart. Every day, you can be thankful for breath and life and take a few moments to be in the present moment.

Sometimes I reflect on the way I woke up in the morning and it carries me throughout my day. The way I go to sleep and the way I awake are polarity balancing at it’s finest!