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Esophageal Healing – Gut Healing – Microbiome Healing Juice!

I love juice! I have had clients who never ate vegetables. Never! They didn’t like them, and, even when I mentioned transitioning into green smoothies, which is a bit like “sneaking” the greens in for them disguised by fruits that are stronger like pineapple, or cherries, it wasn’t tolerated well, but they too wanted to heal; I had to have one tool that they could and would embrace! That, was juicing!

Being a California Native 42 years I never saw this. I saw people eating artichokes, Brussel sprouts, avocados, tomatoes, basil, you name it! It was foreign to me, I wondered how they lived? But later in my practice I actually sensed (easier to do when eating clean), that a few ladies had high anxiety, likely due to what? Missing minerals and depleted glandular systems the result of eating a starch based diet!

If there was even only one thing of the food as medicine, lifestyle, water, exercise, that they were willing to do, it had to be juicing!

Why? Because the benefits are just so very high and juicing brings change for the positive almost immediately. People love it and absent cleaning the juicer, they want to stay on it.

Some people struggle with juicing very odd combinations at first but with coaching in wellness consultations they learn the combinations and get pdf handouts with recipes to begin a new way of living! One that dramatically gives back, to the:

• Skin • Eyes • Hair • Gut/microbiome • Immune system • Energy

And, with the new profound effects of feeling so good, we often reduce or eliminate the statin drugs for cholesterol, blood pressure issues, dehydration based headaches, and more frequent colds and flu, the list could go on and on, but you get the idea! Infusing the body from the mouth, throat and down into the digestive system, JUICE IS ONE OF YOUR BEST INVESTMENTS!

I get asked often: what do you juice? I juice what is seasonal, affordable, organic as possible, and I vary what I juice, usually not juicing more than 3 items. I keep melons separate, citrus separate most of the time, and then other fruits that are more delicate I tend to use the blender for which works well too but not all the time, the juicer is an amazing tool for your health and strength!

One of my favorites at this time is: one small container of fresh organic blueberries, 2 organic fuji apples cut in quarters and seeds cut out, one nice size organic lime using a paring knife and cutting off most of the peel, but not all of it, add half my mason jar of filtered water and blend! It’s so tasty and, good for you!

Learn to heal yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually using our most natural tried and true ways to heal and restore homeostasis, I would love to be your personal Guide! I walk the talk over thirty years now! Look for my pictures of juice, smoothies, which I post often as inspiration as we all must clean the juicer! And, make the best of it! To good health for all!