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Cancer Coaching

I can’t believe this is happening to me!

I feel scared!

What do I do now?

I’m confused with an overwhelming amount of information and confusion!

How do I do this- I need support!

When faced with a cancer diagnosis, and, I have, in 2008 with Ovarian Cancer evidenced by a CA125 blood test, and, a CT scan followed by a biopsy, it felt like my entire world was rocked to the core! I was shaken and all I could think of was what about my life I had planned to live? Who was going to raise my son, I was raising him on my own, entirely solo, I had relocated across country and had no longtime friends nor close support.

I also had a belief system that I wanted to heal as naturally as possible, to ensure my future strength. That was how I chose to proceed in my case with my ovarian issue. I often share with my clients my long time history of offering wellness for any disease, but Cancer is one I have had direct experience with: more than once!

For the professional, the athlete, the student, the homemaker, we are all valuable; we all want to heal! I bring a strong sense of professionalism, good communication, and a trustworthy nature with an impeccable record of integrity. I can and will help you!

What does a CANCER COACH do?

1. Help with your feelings, the shock, despair at times, and we work together in process;

2. Give me your questions, research items, and some other issues which must be managed;

3. Help with coping skills, breathing, pranic and yoga work where appropriate;

4. Support person;

5. Put together a plan for your wellness with your preferences;

6. Help you to set realistic goals;

7. Help you better cope with treatments if you choose and guide with lessening damages from cancer treatments;

8. Educate in natural ways;

9. Educate how to decrease future risk of disease.

Many years of guiding clients, reversing disease, using food as medicine, lifestyle, yoga, intuitive, juicing, minerals, and electric foods. An ease, integrity and caring nature with a cross-cultural awareness and honest appreciation for each client.

Healing is a journey in our lives that brings us to a higher level of understanding of self; we learn a new Way of Life that which nourishes and brings us back to balance. I partner with allopathic western doctors, other original medicine practitioners as a long time Shaman/Medicine woman.