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BIOFUEL – Water – Fluid of the Gods!

What is the most amazing source of nourishment, sustenance, and vitality? WATER!

We often overlook water; water is crucial to fund our blood, our nervous system, our brains, heart, all require a large amount of water!

People ask me all the time about which water should they be drinking? Well, ideally, we all would be drinking fresh and clean spring water, the kind that formerly ran over mineral-rich rocks and gathered those trace minerals we all need so much today! It would be fresh, clean and life giving!

Please consider all the plastic bottled water and how long that water has been sitting in plastic, usually harmful plastic, and often endocrine-disrupting plastics, shipped in hot trucks, plastic wrapped in large cartons for you to take home. It’s heavy, expensive and it fills our landfills unnecessarily.

Just look at Dr. Emoto’s work – the way our living water responds to music and intention, it’s like the breast milk of the great Mother Earth!

Water is ALIVE! It’s living, once it’s heated up, bottled in plastic, it’s dead. So is water changed by adding halogens, like chlorine and fluoride to our precious beautiful water! Doing this does not help anybody, realizing we must manage our contamination issues, but we could find another way besides these harmful chemicals.

I like to use a 10 stage filter, it’s reasonable, about $100 and I can fill up my recycled glass containers. Way back I carried a mason jar and today I could be found carrying a recycled applesauce jar, it’s best to reduce, reuse, recycle ~ for real!

What about how much water to drink?

That depends…

If you are eating a Standard American diet “SAD” then you need a bit more as you are not eating the foods which are high water, mineral and fiber content that is drying to the digestive system and you would want to drink half your body weight in ounces, eg: a 100# person would drink 50 ounces per day. For the raw vegan who consumes juice, fresh fruits, salads, they would need to consume far less as they are getting a good amount in their daily dietary intake.

What about drinking and eating?

It is best to avoid drinking while you are eating so that you can utilize your “digestive fire” which I learned in Ayurveda in 2000 is necessary for our ability to break down nutrients and keep our gut, or, our MICROBIOME healthy and functioning optimally. Our gut is from our mouth to our exit (anus).

We want to drink enough water to keep our blood clean, our digestion functioning well, and our skin healthy and eyes vibrant!

I’ll drink to that! Adding my food-based Vitamin C powder and superfood greens!

Learn about interesting ways to effect anti-aging, strengthening, reversing disease through wellness consultations/coaching today! It’s an investment in you!