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The Role of The Medical Intuitive

The role of The Medical Intuitive is not quite understood and thus it is not being integrated as fully and successfully as it could be, and, will in future times for the benefit of all.

Man has always sought to externalize his gifts and abilities. Just think of the computer as his brain and his hair as the antenna, but also think about the intuitive aspects of Mankind that are available to us which we do not always fully utilize.

Intuitively, we sense far more than we communicate with each other. Knowing before the phone rings, knowing by waking up that something was not right? Knowing which of the two job interviews to take based on that “gut” feeling, and, hearing your own inner voice for guidance so often during your life.

More and more people are waking up to listening to their inner Guidance and Protection System, or, “GPS.” Our 7 primary glands and their corresponding chakra systems, also color aligned primarily are both form and function of a higher integrated self-guiding system. It’s part of why I often sense so clearly and give Medical Intuitive insight is that I have become accustomed to utilizing this innate system within us since I was a child; you can too!

I ‘scan’ the body and I am able to sense many things: stagnation, congestion, toxicity, and poor systemic function. I have senses spores, virus, and other problems often.

Medical Intuitive skills require practice, insight, and, the ability to learn to communicate what you sense in a way that is genuine, direct but considerate and not judgment. I do not define, diagnose not “treat” people, but I communicate what I have seen in an open and honest manner. Including, that there are times when I do not see anything and I communicate that as well respectfully.

We are not machines, but when the body and mind are relaxed both the Intuitive and the client, there is a higher state of entrainment, and ability to sense The Field; many decades now of entering in this state which is much like a Theta brain wave state, I can easily ‘shift’ back and forth from this state which is very similar to a state of meditation.

Medical Intuitive sensing is a gift to the client that is something the client can then begin to do the work necessary to counteract the onset of diseases by procuring the state of health with detoxification, elimination, minerals, enzymes, and rebalancing their system to the degree that they are able.

You can begin in this journey with someone like myself who has many decades of journey in this work; and, both enjoy it and have the rewards of helping people.