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The Throat Chakra

Do you ‘clear’ your throat often? For many people it’s become habitual having heard it from their parents and repeated as a type of a family habit. Often enough though it’s a need for release of our throat chakra, or throat center: the 5th of the major chakras, which has much to do with giving voice to our lives; speaking our truth, and deepening into the personal path of choice for our lives.

Can you remember hearing other people clear their throat? Remember what it sounded like? Do you have a throat issue? Do you often have throat issues like trouble swallowing at times, ‘sore throats’ or, when you are stressed do you develop laryngitis?

Part of our living with less stress is also the investments we make each day with and for our body. While many people have never used a coach for health and wellness, I spend time with each client on the phone and I hear those subtle nuances that are a part of the overall wellness for my client – I take note. Original medicine is interested in listening to the story, observing the flow and habits like hearing throat clearing on the telephone, and guiding with Mind Body, food, exercise, and other tools in the tool bag.

I visited my Chiropractor recently and asked a question specifically about the neck vertebra and the thyroid. He related with me about the nerves and their connection with our parasympathetic nervous system and that sometimes when the cervical vertebra are out of alignment it could be related to the thyroid. There have been times when clients did not test positive with venous blood samples for thyroid issues, yet they had growths known as ‘nodules’ on their thyroid which also can interfere with your breathing as well as your cervical structure. These growths were never attended to, and most people di not know they were there until they began to discover discomfort somewhere. A good listener and observer in original medicine will hear and sense the many clues to underlying issues even though we do not check blood, urine, nor ‘scan’ the body with machinery.

The throat is where we begin our digestion, after chewing or swallowing our food or liquids it begins here. How many people today sit down, chew their food and experience the loving gesture of taking in nutrients, giving thanks for nourishment?

We can nourish our throats, by noticing our habits, taking time in our quiet time to ask ourselves if we are truly giving voice to our life.

Placing our hand on our throat and sending healing, noticing if we are habitually throat clearing, if we have structural issues with our neck and taking some time to assess if they are entirely structural, or, if they also relate with our thyroid. Taking time at least once per day to sit down, and truly enjoy our food or drink, taking our time to chew and swallow paying attention to our throat.