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What is a Shaman? 


Each Shaman is unique although there is a central thread that runs within us all: Respect for all, for nature, and, for The Ancestors. 


I have walked a long journey through many lives and I see through the "Maya." The illusion. 


What is today in our modern world called a "Medium" is what has been done by Shamans for all of time? Hearing The Ancestors, presenting our people with clarifying insights communications that are facilitated through symbols, omens, accidents, as well as synchronicities. 


Shamans were the original Guides for the people, long before politics and government we had many a Council of Elders where Elders who could agree to disagree solved our issues with deep respect, and compassion.   


Shamans were the "ministers" bringing medicine to the spirit, long before religion. 


Shamans informed our people who resided at Temple, about powerful decisions concerning agriculture, weather, prevention, and more, long before "TV," newspapers, and smart devices. 


We have never before been this isolated which threatens connection with each other. 


What is 'real' must not be deleted, nor our lives further domesticated and dominated. A "shamanic practitioner" is a modern academic invention. 


I encourage the natural way of life for it is obvious that we need it. Each of our habits contributes to the whole and when the whole is weakened we all suffer. 


My mission is to strengthen the whole and reconnect through that strength, compassion, and care. 


Being a Shaman is not an easy mission in life, it may look as if it is-- but it is, at times, one of the most difficult. People today know what a Pastor is, Professor, Realtor, in our credentialed world it is rare that we experience The Shaman.