I offer something that is not found in the world today. 

I help you to find the real root causatives. 

Though many people have never heard of hair tissue testing, and instead they have only ever done serum blood testing, I provide this form of testing which is done through the mail and shows us exactly what to do to bring you back into balance! 

Over 36 years of my own personal journey becoming the Shaman & Medicine Woman I am today means I glean from decades of experiences with hundreds of people! 

  • Food as Medicine, Plant-Based Nutritionist

  • Bodywork/Massage Therapist 

  • Herbalist 

  • Foraging for Food 

  • Certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor

  • Mind-Body Medicine Expert 

  • Thyroid Expert: Author of Detox & Heal Your Thyroid 

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (humans, canines equine) 


I have carried a lot of medicine: research, college, training, specialty programs, study, working hands and heart on, writing, as well as observing self and clients regenerate and heal! It's just awesome! 

17 years of bodywork full-time teach you a lot! Palpating cysts, nodules, thyroids, helping people with many levels of medicine on the table has taught me a lot! 

A diagnosis doesn't have to be forever!

Many people are 'waking up' and discovering they want more healing or regeneration and less checking and treating, or swallowing a pill, cut it out, or killing it out of them!


I work with a wide range of people who have varied backgrounds, my communication needs to be on point, and I believe you will find that with me.

I break it down simply, for some it will be a quick fix, and for others 

it will be a moderate endeavor, for a few it will be a long journey, I am there by your side. 


I help you with human & canine issues when often, others often cannot figure it out. 


I bring strong knowledge, wisdom, and professionalism to my work, 

I am confident and competent


Shamans are different from doctors as we sense the bioenergy field, we are comfortable with The Ancestors and for me, my work entails looking at multiple generations in your family to gain a better picture. 


First step: hair tissue order or, complete the Wellness Form for human or canine located under my Coaching page on this website. 



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