The Psychosomatic (Mind Body) Origins of Thyroid Disease

This course will provide you with knowledge you will not get anywhere else. You will receive a crystal clear understanding of the Psychosomatic (Mind Body) origins that relate to the pandemic incidence of thyroid disease. You will save valuable time as I share the fruit of my long journey quickly.

You will learn about the “umbrella,” as well as the emotional and spiritual aspects of thyroid disease. By the end of this course, you will know the reasoning behind the epidemic we have today and be able to speak intelligently about why this is occurring.

From buried truths, that seem to be intentionally missing from much of the medical industry (DSM) this course is about resurrecting the way we experience and interpret pain, or disease. We are “treated” today and no longer healed-we have long forgotten the truth and as generations more people become accustomed to the medical industry there are fewer who remember the truth.

I have distilled my journey from the early 1980s as well as the actual experience of thousands of hours with healing- actual experience working this myself with my own clients and self. I will save you that time and bring you the understanding to get this powerful knowledge in a distilled and easy to comprehend format, where you can begin to use it immediately.


Crucial Keys to Unlocking Disease: A Mind Body Course 

This course gives you key tools and material that you will not find anywhere else that I have put together just for you! You can easily take this information that I have gathered over the last thirty years and put it into practice like a professional as I have done.

Over many years, I sought out powerful insights about what was formerly known as “psychosomatics,” and now more commonly referred to as Mind Body Medicine. I applied these techniques and developed my own style of quickly implementing this in a way you will not find elsewhere. I personally use this valuable information and training in my work helping people like you reverse disease and solve pain.