Wellness Consultations

A session with me is the first step to getting yourself back!

Together, we can accomplish the very best for you with your goals in mind related to self-actualization: becoming the best you, health, vocation, finding your true path and gaining clarity about your gifts. Increasing Intuitive abilities, animal communication and reversing lack of ease: (disease). This is what my 4 pack will include and I will always proceed at your pace, with your goals in mind:

Wellness Consultations


What is happening in the now, what goals do you want to focus upon? I will help you to find clarity, balance and the direction that is best for you, and help you to make decisions that require thoughtful consideration. Whether it be partner issues, issues related to business, job,  or health, I have a great deal of experience and I will bring you deep insights on our journey together!

At Our first Step: we will cover up to 3 goals which could be personal, vocational/job/business, partner issues, and/or health-related.



Focus with pinpoint precision like the hawk – develop inner strength and guidance. Coaching in meaningful and practical ways. Honesty, integrity and confidential loyalty to truly helping you!

At our second step, we will cover acceptance, any issues, and the tools and medicine to bring you to the next step of redirection successfully, this may also include an intuitive reading, card reading or the use of my medical intuition.



The Plan is now focused and written down. Together we redirect self-sabotage and I guide you to self-actualize to your full potential. We work to reverse “lack of ease,” (disease), through Psychosomatics/Mind Body Medicine, food as medicine, herbs, minerals, lifestyle, and types of products that will be beneficial to optimize health, anti-aging and regenerate life: become this new you, “Way of Life.”

At our third step, we will cover exactly how to redirect, you will write down a plan in your notebook and immediately start realizing your dreams and goals. I will cover what you need to know about any Mind Body issues, what you can use from a plant-based diet, any supplements, crystals, herbs, and lifestyle actions that will bring you on point to your goals. I will usher you into a Way of Life that will dramatically increase your Life Force Energy, produce a reversal of symptoms and potentially entirely reverse disease. See actual reduction in aging, guaranteed and learn how to live longer and stronger, feeling well, and vibrant!


Let it go! Release old programs held in the unconscious mind that no longer serve you. Release the former self as you enter your own power fully guided and supported. I guarantee deep personal insights at the conclusion of our 4 part journey together!

At our Fourth step, we will cover your journey briefly, and I will make sure any final questions in this 4 part series is covered entirely. We will review your accomplishments and cover any remaining issues with regard to your goals that were stated originally.

Any further sessions can be added-on with regard to discovering your Power Animal, Spiritual Guidance, further Medical Intuitive, Clarification of your life’s gifts and Mission. Help to write your own life Mission Statement and proceed in life becoming fully self-actualized into a new Way of Life.

Wellness Consultations