Wellness Consultations 

Karen has numerous tools in her medicine bag that she has been providing her clients for decades.

What she brings to each session:

Food as Medicine
Juicing / Smoothies
Loving heartfelt listening & communication
Mind Body Expertise
Perceptive & Intuitive
Spiritual Insight/Ancestors
Lifestyle coaching
Exercise / Yoga

Whether it be in person for her clients that reside in Minnesota or across the globe via Skype or telephone, Karen will get you on the path to feeling incredible! Start living again!

Canine Work

Items discussed could include:
Feeding your Dog
Non-chemical wormers
Behavioral issues
Limiting Vaccines and why

Over 50 years living with dogs, mostly large and bully breeds, but also a few small dogs, I have RAW fed my companions for over twenty years successfully. I have helped my clients heal their companions and to find solutions that actually work and save them a lot of money otherwise spent at a Veterinarian when there were issues they could resolve with some guidance.

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