About Karen

Hello, my name is Karen and I have given up on titles because none of them really fits!

I travelled to many places around the world, and, I love meeting new people! I adore all animals and have 3 dogs that I call my “pack,” that often travel with me as we get out in Nature!

I have a passion for partnership ways and I have given many presentations about how we truly heal, food as medicine, partnership ways vs. dominator and about reversing disease through lifestyle which I call a way of life.

I formerly worked as a Sr. Family Law Paralegal in Silicon Valley, California where I was raised and left at the age of 42 with my then 6 year old son. I solo parented entirely on my own, relocated across the country from California to Minnesota and opened a small shop where I offered massage therapy, and, wellness consultations. I did not realize when I first relocated that I had a long-standing thyroid problem which was also manifesting in my son as well as many other family members. I had become passionate about helping many of my clients who came for massage or wellness work and was shocked to see the numbers of people in Northern MN taking synthetic thyroid hormone! As I searched for them, and was tested myself only to hear that I was “normal,” I realized there was a gaping hole in the way we understand our lack of ease (disease), and the way we live.

I was very fortunate while in California to take a lot of yoga classes, and, years of African Congolese dance as well as African hand drumming with Babatunde Olatunji – I have my own drums and have taught about 15 courses through Community Education, including Beginning African Hand Drumming. I love and cherish the old ways!

In the 1980s I took courses in raw foods for reversing disease, became an herbalist, took some Ayurvedic massage, massage therapy practitioner, and many others, together with reading a lot, and, doing a lot of research; something I was well trained to do working in the legal field, including Judge’s Chambers in Santa Cruz County. I also learned a lot at Santa Cruz Waldorf School about communication including cross-cultural communication and non-violent communication or “NVC Language.” I love yoga and meditation and I became certified as an African Kemetic Yoga Instructor in 2015 in Chicago.

My passion is to be a Guide within a Council of Elders who helps our world community effect peace and freedom for all. A world where everyone is fed, safe and loved.

I offer guidance for many in reversing disease, solving problems, spiritual and intuitive insights and with dogs as companions. I am fond of “word sound,” which is using intentional and conscious language. Becoming more clear, present and authentic is something I live and breathe as well as teach. I have recently taught at Whole Foods a course called Thyroid Madness and also Raw, GF and Vegan Cheesecakes which are loved by all!

I would truly love to share some of what I have gathered in this beautiful life with you!